Art Marketing / Art Business Podcast: Update with Registration Link

My apologies for leaving the register links out of the previous post regarding Tuesday’s podcast.

Also, a couple of notes to self:

  1. Publishing posts when both late and tired is a recipe for problems, e.g., such as forgetting to include important Registration Links.
  2. There is always time to a job right the second time.

Here  is the link to register for the free Art Marketing / Art Business Podcast on Print Advertising for Fine Artists. It’s on Tuesday, March 6 at 4 pm Mountain Time.


You can read the previous blog post for the full details. Jason Horejs and I are doing a free-form podcast sharing our perspectives about print advertising for visual artists. It will  be fast-paced, fun and informative. Here is the link to the previous post.

Art Marketing / Art Business Podcast: Print Advertising for Fine Artists



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