The Art of Self-promotion — Successfully Getting Your Work to Market

For visual artists, the ability to market one’s work is the difference between a hobby and a career.

Marketing Art Effectively Is Crucial to Your Art Career

art of self-promotionArtists, like it or not, cannot escape the fact they are small business owners. To succeed in any small business, a steady stream of activities to generate buyer awareness and desire for its products is necessary.

Learn a Valuable Lesson from the Smart Marketers at Coca-Cola

You only need to see the silohouette of a Coke bottle to know what it is; you know how it tastes, and where to get it. Despite its ubiquity, Coke knows it must continue to beat the drums to maintain the highest degree of awareness, desire and sales of it products.

If an iconic brand such as Coke markets relentlessly, shouldn’t you be doing likewise on a scale that fits your budget?

Self-promotion Is An Effective Tool Any Artist Can Learn to Master

Knowing the best ways to use self-promotion makes a huge difference to an artist’s career. You can discover ideas and inspiration in my “The Art of Self-Promotion” article. It is published in the March/April issue of the smartly revamped Art Business News magazine.

You find it touted here because I believe in walking my talk. I want you, and as many people as possible, to know about it. Would you help me with the kind favor of forwarding this post to your artists friends, or post it on Facebook or Twitter? 


You Are Not Alone If You Have Art Marketing Anxieties

I’m launching a series of live The Road to Art Marketing Success: How to Get Your Work to Market Today workshops. The first is coming up quickly on Saturday March 31 in Phoenix, AZ.  There is still time to register.

The workshop series is sponsored by Jason Horejs, author of ‘Starving to Sucessful: The Fine Artist’s Guide to Getting into Galleries. He also is the owner of the very successful, Scottsdale-based, Xanadu Gallery.

Just as you can learn how to improve your art skills, you can learn to market your art to get better results. As an attendee, you will discover new ways to get your work to market in this intensive and informative workshop.

Having a well-conceived marketing plan that you believe in is half the art marketing battle.

The other is merging effective marketing elements to focus on events, dates, shows, and other activities where you have the best odds to sell the most art. Expect to leave the workshop with the tools, techniques and motivation to make a positive impact on how you market your art and make more sales.

Click Here to register. Contact me at: if you have questions or want to get notice of future dates.

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