Art Marketing Workshop-San Diego, CA, May 5

Southern California visual artists – discover new ways to get your art seen and sold. New art marketing workshop in Sand Diego on Sat, May 5.

Announcing an Art Marketing Workshop

The Road to Art Marketing Success Workshop:
How to Get Your Art Seen & Sold!
Attention visual artists in Southern California, you are invited to attend a new art marketing workshop is scheduled for Saturday, May 5 in San Diego, CA.It must be frustrating to realize you could sell lots more art if enough of the right people saw it?  Are you ready to learn how to get the most from art marketing tools and techniques at your disposal?


If you find yourself in San Diego on Saturday, May 5, please join me for this workshop. If not, stay tuned, more workshops are coming your way.

Saturday, May 5, 2012
9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Country Inn & Suites San Diego North
5975 Lusk Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92121
You are invited to participate in an exclusive marketing seminar that will put you on the path of reaching your sales and marketing goals. This unique workshop will give you art marketing insights from me, Barney Davey.


It is likely you already know I am an author, blogger and workshop leader. Through those vehicles, my advice has helped thousands of visual artists be more successful and sell more art. You may have read some of my contributed art business articles in The Artist’s Magazine, Art World News, and Art Business News.

There Are Tons of Workshops on How to Improve Art Making Skills, But Too Few on Art Marketing Skills
Amazingly, despite the fact that there are thousands of workshops and courses providing artists with opportunities to learn new artistic techniques and skills, there are remarkably few opportunities to learn effective art marketing techniques.


Seeing a need and demand for such information in this area, along with my partners at Xanadu Gallery, I developed this intensive workshop to help you create your own art marketing program that will produce impressive results for your art career.

This workshop is designed to help you determine the appropriate art marketing tools for your art business. 

You will find new ways to simplify, streamline and manage your marketing processes — to pare down to your most beneficial options, and forget the rest. Imagine spending less time marketing, and still achieving impressive results from newly refined and developed sales channels for your work.

You Will Learn How to:

What People Are Saying:

  • Get better results by blending new and old school art marketing tools.
  • Leverage the power within your websites and blogs.
  • Evaluate social media and online galleries to strategically use only what meets your needs.
  • Generate sales in the healthcare fine art, hospitality design, and licensing markets.
  • Turn your email list into your most valuable marketing tool.
  • Create easy, effective ways to ask for and get steady referrals.
  • Use the power of publicity and press releases to energize your marketing.
  • Coordinate your marketing activities to maximize the potential within them.

WOW! I’m reading your book a second time with hi-lighter in hand checking every resource and scouring the web for every scrap of information.” – David Randall, HIlton Head, South Carolina“ 

Barney’s advice has been a treasure trove for me. He tells it straight. By following his suggestions, I avoided numerous costly mistakes and uncovered new profitable opportunities.” – Michael Geraghty, Laurel, MD“ 

Barney Davey’s honest commentary about the art world (from mom and pop frame shops to prestigious museums) and his willingness to express that there are exceptions to just about every rule and suggestion he offers, is both refreshing and entertaining.” – Andrew Darlow, New York City

Davey informs with great wisdom and wit, and makes a book about marketing as much of a page-turner as some of the fiction novels I read!” – Laurel Knight, Bend, OR

When you learn to consistenly and confidently apply what you learn in the workshop, your art sales will grow.

The goal is to help you discover which marketing tools will work best for you after assessing your goals, resources and circumstances. And, then to help you find the most effective, efficient and affordable ways to get the maximum mileage from your marketing actions.

I want to help you spend less money and time on marketing so that you gain valuable studio time, or to just relieve your anxiety about how to pull together a workable marketing plan that delivers desirable results.

When you attend you will get information, inspiration and motivation. Plus, you will get dozens of practical ideas aimed at fine tuning your marketing so you get great returns from your plans and actions.

You only need to come away with one usable idea to get a payback from this workshop for years to come.

Watch or listen to this video to gain a deeper understanding of what you will learn.

It would be my honor to have you attend this workshop:

Saturday, May 5, 2012
9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Country Inn & Suites San Diego North
5975 Lusk Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92121
P.S. We all need help for something. It would be wonderful if you would help me spread the word about this workshop. Although this email is specific to San Diego, there are plans to bring this workshop to a location near you.
Please forward this email to your aritsts friends, especially those who live in Southern California.

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