Sharpen Your Selling Art Skills | Free Podcast with Jason Horejs

Five Critical Sales Skills to Succeed in the Art Business

Are you like many artists who wish your art could just sell itself? If so, join the crowd and do not feel alone.

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Free Podcast with Sales Secrets Revealed

Many artists are mystified by trying to understand how the selling art sales process works and would prefer to have someone else handle that part of their business. The facts are, you have no choice, you have take more control of how your work gets sold.  As such, it’s critical  you understand the ins and outs of selling. Even artists who are showing in galleries will benefit from an understanding of what it takes to close a sale.

Early Christmas/Holiday Gift: Free How to Sell Art Podcast

Join Xanadu Gallery owner, Jason Horejs and me, Barney Davey, your friendly art marketing and art promotion expert, for a free webinar Tuesday, December 11th where we will discuss five critical sales skills every artist should work to develop.  Jason is the bestselling author of How to Sell Art and Starving to Successful: The Fine Artist’s Guide to Getting into Galleries.

If you have questions about the sales process that you would like discussed during the broadcast, send them to Jason & I will answer as many questions as possible during the broadcast. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions during the broadcast.

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  1. says

    Frankly my dear…

    I had expected to get a few selling hints on the FAA Weekly Update link,
    not only an advertisement for your no daubt laudable webseminar – and to your books.

    Cheerio, Hartmut :-)

    • Barney Davey says

      In the future, I’ll consider beefing up offers of a free hour-long podcast with sales tips for you. In the meantime, you can find dozens of free, useful art selling tips by searching on my blog.

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