Pricing Your Artwork to Sell Today

How to Price Your Artwork Podcast

Join me, publisher Barney Davey, and Xanadu Gallery owner Jason Horejs as we discuss art pricing strategies. Pricing can be one of the greatest challenges for artists – Davey and Horejs will discuss factors artists should consider when developing pricing strategies.

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About Barney Davey

I am an art marketing author, consultant, blogger and podcaster. I enjoy helping visual artists, fine art photographers, and others understand and reach their potential. Follow me on and check out my art marketing e-store at


  1. Can I register without a google+ account? I have a google ID for my Blogger blog.

  2. Jason and Barney thanks for another great evening. It was very informative and am looking forward to the next one. Dorothy From Nova Scotia, Canada.

  3. A terrific broadcast! Thank you both so very much.

  4. Jason and Barney:

    Thank you both. Very informative.

    Jason, I am from St. Louis, Missouri. I have been to two of your seminars. You always do a great job. I purchased your book a few years ago.

    Barney, I will look into purchasing your book. I have been printing my own giclee prints, but there is always something more to learn.

    I liked the google+ format.

    Cathy Loos

  5. Some information shared by both of you FINALLY hit home for me. Thank you for the great timing!

    As for your video taping versus audio only: you guys did a great job with video. I paid more attention knowing there were “talking heads” while listening and working on other things. When I needed, I could glance at either of you to pick up on body language. Big improvement from a set of disconnected voices.

    Big improvement over a slide show.

  6. Great advice!

  7. Ann Christine Gurholt says:

    Great amount of info!!!Much easier to listen to when I have a face to watch.As an artist new to selling you have both provided invaluable information. I will now do some research.
    Thanks, Ann-Christine


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