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Email Marketing Tips — Leveraging Email to Generate More Art Sales.

In the digital age, there are many tools you can use to reach out to potential customers. The last several years have seen an explosion in communication channels. You can share your artwork on your blog, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr, just to name a few.

Often overlooked, however, is one of the most powerful tools – email. A well-cultivated email list gives you a direct channel of communication with potential buyers. Learn how to how to build a powerful email strategy and give you tips on how to make your emails effective. ~ Jason Horejs

Email marketing for artists - building your listMake Email Marketing the Centerpiece of Your Art Marketing Strategy.

As a visual artist working in 2014, you have a powerful array of art marketing tools at your disposal. The old standbys such as advertising, direct mail, publicity and press releases still work. With technology and the Internet, you also have a strong ally in social media to add to the mix.

Nothing Beats Email Marketing, It Gets the Job Done.

Email marketing stands alone as the most potent tool in your art marketing arsenal. It is affordable, easy and effective. What gives it greater power is the advent of direct consumer buying habits. As the 21st Century has evolved, so has the way we all shop — we buy online, including how we find and purchase art. Today’s art buyer is as likely to be influenced by messages received digitally from trusted sources as nearly anything save word of mouth.

Artists use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and now more and more, Pinterest, to develop  followers and awareness for their work. While these sites and others provide all kinds of benefits to artists, they also share a common bond — it is their platform. It is their rules. For the most part, you are not a customer, you are a user. In a sense, you are a digital sharecropper toiling to bring traffic to their sites.

You Own Your Email Marketing. Use It for Your Best Art Marketing Results.

You own your list. No one can take it away from you. No one can stop you from using it. An active, responsive email marketing list is a bottom line asset.

With your email marketing, you control every aspect of how it works. You can send on a schedule best suited for your needs. You can build a very large list of subscribers whose interest and support can help you promote and sell your work without assistance from anywhere or anyone else. The only thing stopping you from using email marketing to grow your art business and solidify your art career is your willingness to make it happen.

The tools are readily available. They are free to very affordable. The amount of knowledge on how to use these tools is vast.

Commit to making email marketing work for you and reap the benefits.

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  1. My email newsletter is my most productive online tool. I send out three or four a year and it usually results in sales. I also get lots of encouraging comments from people on my list, which is an opportunity to respond to them personally.
    I haven’t mastered the timing of sending out my newsletter yet, so I’ve had to snatch pictures out of inventory that I’ve prepared for a show because one of my collectors wants to buy it. (What a great problem to have!)

  2. i would be more than happy to see such an email( if possible) and to learn more about it
    i am an israely painter , my name is Shuly Haimsohn. ihave a site and a FB page

    thank you very much.


  3. Melissa says:

    “Nothing beats email marketing”?? I doubt that. Do you think it is the best way to get response from your consumers? It used to do so but time has changed. People are becoming hesitating to respond to emails. They would love a personalized direct mail. I read in this page that 87% of Canadians read personally addressed mails!

    • Thanks for your opinion. You don’t offer an alternative solution. The thing about an email list is you own it. If you provide quality content when you send to it, your response will be equal to or greater than any other marketing you can undertake. Would you trade the transient nature of digital sharecropping on some social media site where you have zero ownership for the enduring benefit of an opted-in responsive email list? I wouldn’t and neither would other savvy marketers.

  4. I find that people who are reluctant to put the effort into building and maintaining a responsive email list are the first ones to decrease email marketing. Email marketing is a no-brainer compared to any digital platform or direct mail. It is also cheaper, and is the only means of marketing you actually own. I find there are folks who spend time continually questioning the value of email marketing, having never done it themselves, instead of just getting on and doing it.

  5. And “decrease” should be “decry.”

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