Bad Ass Awesome Sauce Replay

Happy July 4th! Pour some bad ass awesome sauce on your art career.

bad ass awesome sauceWe are taking a break this weekend to celebrate our national holiday in the U.S. Here is a replay of an article first published in July 2012. If anything, the advice has aged well.

Bad Ass Awesome Sauce Is about Attitude.

It is a state of mind. When you feel it in your career, others will, too! Use it generously and share often.

You can make your career what you want it to be. The more you define it, the less others can do it for you.

A Thin Line Runs Between Many Things!

Bad Ass Awesome Sauce Rocks

Bad Ass Awesome Sauce is a way to describe your confident attitude and unique style. Pour it on. Make it good — no excellent — no superb… well, you get the drift.

Often what differentiates good and great is a thin line. Some artists seem to have an ethereal essence that propels their career. The culturati use, “Je ne se quois,” to mean “I know not what.”

In today’s lingo, you hear “Bad Ass” to describe something extraordinary and “Awesome Sauce” to describe that which is spectacular, incredible; or the best it could be.

You Are Awesome, Right?

If using Awesome Sauce sounds hokey or contrary to the notion of fine art to you, it is understandable and expected. The point of it is to get you to shake off your lethargy, get out of your comfort zone, think about doing things a different way, and to approach the marketing of your art as a fun experience.

Thin Lines Run through Fine Art

The piece, “Forgeries? Perhaps Faux Masterpieces,” exemplifies the thin line in art. KenPerenyi is a versatile artist with distinct, excellent technical skills. For decades, he made a small fortune from fine art forgeries. Apparently, he lacks the awesome sauce for successfully making original art.

Define Your Career Or Others Will

Use your awesome sauce to create and promote your work and shape your career. You can make your career what you want it to be. The more you define it, the less others can do it for you.

Can You Honestly Assess Where Your Art Fits in the World?

To define your career, you need a realistic assessment of how your art fits in the matrix. You do not have to accept where you are now. The awesome sauce you bring extends beyond the creation of the art. For career success, you as an entrepreneur artist must apply it to your marketing and your personal brand.

The thing is the more you bring your awesome sauce to everything you do, the more likely you are to break that thin line between a talented unknown and being well-known and regarded as extraordinary.

Bring Your Awesome Sauce without Brashness – You Can Handle That!

Certainly, if you are quiet, shy person, you cannot instantly become the life of the party. Some artists are shy or introverted, but that is not an excuse. It is a reason not to try, and perhaps to fail. Don’t let that happen to you.

Whatever your personality type do not let it stop you from exuding confidence about who you are, and the art you create. Learn to accept compliments gracefully.

Confidence is sexy and alluring. It doesn’t take a “big personality” to show it. Displaying confidence is a learned trait. Study and practice how; it will amaze you.

Be Publicly Passionate and Proud about Your Art

You are passionate about creating your work, so be just as passionate about sharing it. Use a marketing plan that exposes your art to as many people as possible. Learn how to put something of yourself into your marketing. Go ahead, pour on the awesome sauce.

People like to buy from people they like. If art buyers know you, or know personal things about you, they are more inclined to take your art home.

Get Your Awesome Bad Ass Out There and Reap the Rewards, You Deserve It!

You  can learn lots of useful tips for building your sustainable art career by reading Guerrilla Marketing for Artists: How 100 Collectors Can Bulletproof Your Career.

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    Barney, BAD ASS and AWESOME are both overused expressions that, I think, your blog post points out is not about art, but about attitude and the hard work of selling what the artist produces. Having sold art as a rep for more than 20 years most of what I sold to interior designers, architects and galleries was neither. It was art that evoked pleasant pictures or memories of nature, places or combinations or color texture and individual style that people enjoyed living with and looking at day after day for many years. There are only a handful of masterpieces that have gained notoriety and unusual monetary value by being BAD ASS or AWESOME – certainly not the art I sold everyday for all those years by artists who never produced a work that fit either description. “Guernica” and “The Scream” fit that description but for most “art lovers” are unique examples of genius most people visit a museum to see, stand in front of for a short while and go away thinking, “I wouldn’t want that hanging over my sofa.” – if they think about them at all. They may have been touched by what they saw, but at home or in their offices they prefer to be stroked.

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