Class Action Swells Hit Cruise Line Art Auctions

It’s long been recognized by savvy art marketers that vacation spots were ideal locations for galleries. Such a location offers what is most often needed to finalize a pricey art transaction, which is to have both decision makers in high-end household purchases available at the same time. What better place than a relaxed resort environment to lure buyers with leisure time to a closing room?

There’s nothing wrong with this idea, it does indeed make great business logic. When both parties are present and equally excited about an art piece, closing the deal is so much easier, especially when they have a enjoyable relaxed vibe going. If that logic prevails, it only makes sense then that cruise ships would provide an even better environment. The impact of cruise ship auction sales has steadily increased along with sales they generate…unfortunately not always with positive results.

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Feel Like a Number?

One of the ways your tax dollars are put to use is by the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. This organization keeps data on thousands of occupations and provides details on such things as: Nature of Work; Working Conditions; Employment; Job Outlook; Earnings and more.

Here are what the BLS relates as Significant Points:

Significant Points
  • About 63 percent of artists and related workers are self-employed.
  • Keen competition is expected for both salaried jobs and freelance work; the number of qualified workers exceeds the number of available openings because the arts attract many talented people with creative ability.
  • Artists usually develop their skills through a bachelor’s degree program or other postsecondary training in art or design.
  • Earnings for self-employed artists vary widely; some well-established artists earn more than salaried artists, while others find it difficult to rely solely on income earned from selling art.
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Art Business is Big Business – Pending IPO Proves It

I recently posted about the emergence of Artaissance on to the art print scene. The post delved into why it’s parentage was important, which is it is curated and managed by the same team that drives the bus over at Larson-Juhl, only the largest picture framing company worldwide. If L-J’s size fails to impress you, certainly the fact that it is a Berkshire Hathaway company ought to.

The story goes that Warren Buffett met with then owner Craig Ponzio for all of 90 minutes before making the decision to purchase the company. Surely, it had to pass muster on its financials, but whatever the time taken for the decision it fit the concept Buffett likes. That is big profitable companies in relatively sleepy corners of the business world. Few outside the business would argue that picture frame moulding is a sexy beast.

When it comes to moving art prints, has proven it can be done big time on the Internet. The March issue of Business 2.0 magazine identified six tech companies set to go IPO and was one of them. The article says was hot because it was producing $100 million in revenue after its merger with rival That’s one heck of a lot of posters, framed or otherwise!

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