Artaissance – One to Watch

Sometime last year a new art publishing company called Artaissance came on the market. Its debut tradeshow appearance was this year’s ArtExpo. While news about a new publishing company launching is not always noteworthy, this would be one to watch by anyone’s standards. Artaissance stands to be a formidable player in the art print market. […]

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ArtExpo New York – What’s Next?

I can’t emphasize strongly enough how important I believe a thriving ArtExpo is to the growth and stability of the art print market. My wish for the art print market is to have a successful ArtExpo for all to benefit from.

The 2007 New York ArtExpo show concluded on Monday, March 5. I managed to get there for Friday (a trade-only day) and Saturday, which is open to trade and public. A flu bug bit me on Saturday; I did the best I could to see as much as possible.

ArtExpo, as a vestige of its former self, is a testament that things change. The show in its heyday was an incredible powerful fine art tradeshow with a flourishing consumer component. No fine art print publisher in those days could consider not having a sizable presence at the show. It wasn’t a fear of being conspicuous by absence, but more an excitement of money to banked and great contacts to be made that drove booth sales.

In a sign of the times, in my humble opinion, the show has morphed from a must attend for buyers and exhibit for artists and publishers tradeshow with a consistent consumer component into a run of the mill (for a New York art fair) consumer show with a dwindling tradeshow component.

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