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Email Marketing Services for Artists | Part Two

Do-It-Yourself Email Marketing For Artists Does Not Pay Email marketing is not something you want to do on your own. Although, you can find software packages to manage an email list and send bulk mailings from your own server, it is not advisable. For time, expense, results and legality, email marketing for artists is not […]

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Email Marketing for Artists | Building Your List | Part One

Expanding Your Art Career with Email Marketing E-mail marketing is the most affordable and easy way to communicate directly with your prospects, partners, fans and collectors. Successful Email-marketing for Artists Is Multi-faceted Because growing your list of contact email addresses is a critical component to your art career and email marketing success, I’ve made it […]

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Top Tweets | Only the Best For You My Friends

Sharing Tweets Worth Touting I tend to tweet a lot. That means you may miss my best ones. Here are my top tweets from recent weeks. These are, I believe, worthy of your consideration and valuable time. The category headings are indicative of most of my tweets, and my interests. I only tweet about things […]

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