Want the Secrets of How to Find Buyers & Sell More Art?

Discover the best ways on how to stop feeling helpless about how to sell more art.

I talk with and advise artists almost daily about how to sell more art and attain success. They often share with me their biggest frustrations and fears about their careers. Finding a dependable way to sell their artwork and gain recognition for it tops the list.

Many compare finding qualified buyers to searching for a needle in a haystack... because I understand the level of difficulty I feel their pain and see the need for a solution.

Selling Fine Art Is a Challenge

Selling art has always been difficult. Now is no different. When you sell anything that implies permanence, requires an emotional connection, and with prices often in the thousands, you know finding buyers and selling to them takes marketing know-how and skill.

Now Is a Great Time to Be An Artist!

Don't get me wrong. I agree it is still a challenge to sell art in these good times. But, I argue there's never been a better time to create opportunities and control your destiny. 

The reason I say now is a great time for artists is you that today you have the best tools ever to both make and market your art. And, they are affordable, abundant and easy-to-use. I believe artists from previous generations would envy the tools and opportunities available to you now.

Galleries Are in Decline and Not the Solution

In the past, fine art mostly was sold through third-parties, such as galleries, publishers and art dealers. Back then it was career suicide to sell directly to buyers because galleries wouldn’t touch you if you were competing with them. And, the artists who did buck the system found it expensive and burdensome due to a lack of low-cost, convenient options and skeptical consumer attitudes.

The Internet Changed Everything

It opened up new possibilities and gave small businesses new ways to compete and succeed in the marketplace.

Today, artists are free to sell to customers directly.

Galleries no longer have a strong hold on distribution. Their numbers and influence are declining.

Here's What's Crucial About the Changes

Consumers have changed their buying habits. Amazon and eBay flung open the doors to sourcing nearly everything online, including art. The internet fueled the interest and desire to support indie artists as evidenced by the Etsy phenomenon. And the desire to buy direct applies to fine art and photography, too. You just need to start tapping into these trends.

Introducing the How to Find Buyers &
Sell More Art Workshop

What Should You Do Now?

To succeed as a professional artist, whether full-time or serious part-time, you need to make art people want to buy and a reliable system to get it to market.

On the business side you need to:

*  Identify and connect with your top prospects

​* Maintain a consistent, profitable communication with them

* Employ a system to keep your production and the demand for your work robust

It's All About the Math

To sell art, you need to show it to enough qualified buyers on a steady basis. It’s not advanced calculus, it’s arithmetic. You need to build a base of loyal patrons, buyers and fans one-by-one. Make art that amazes them that they want to buy. Use a system to inform, educate and delight your tribe on a consistent basis. Do these things and you will create enduring success.

Creating Pipelines to Your Success

You need to build two pipelines. Fill the first with your evocative, attention grabbing art. And, the second with qualified prospective buyers. Make it your mission to keep both full in an ongoing and improving basis. Your results will amaze and astound you and all who know you.

There Are Only Two Types of Art Buyers

1. People Who Know You

2. Strangers​

Of course, selling to those who know you is easier than converting strangers to buyers. Buyers go through a KNOW, LIKE, TRUST continuum as they consider a purchase. Getting people to know you puts you past the first, and often all three hurdles right away. 

Notice, I did not say people you know. That's because competent marketing will raise awareness of you and your art among thousands of people you don't know personally, but they know you. Your inspired marketing will help them feel you as if you are friends even though you have never met.  

The best solution for self-representing artists is to build a tribe of fans and followers.

Be smart. Choose the path of finding and connecting with your top prospects. It is always easiest to sell to people who know, like and trust you.

Believe me. I know from my personal experience. My success averaging $150k annually over a 30-year sales career was built around relationship selling and repeat buying. You will learn the best ways to find, connect and create profitable relationships with your best prospective buyers from me.

  • Building long-term relationships takes a little time to get going, but it's so much better than starting each month marketing to complete strangers.
  • Can you imagine having complete control of your career? That's what happens when you build up a base of warm prospects and hot buyers who know you.
  • That's what I want for you! It's why I created this workshop.

Success is not in the knowing. It is in the doing. Someone said, "To know and not do is not to know!"


Do the all of the work and complete all seven assignments. I guarantee you will identify 12 and connect with at least six potential buyers who were complete strangers to you before beginning your training. Work it hard for 14 weeks, which is double your 7-week course training time. Then show me your notes and completed assignments. If your six contacts aren't there, I will work with you one-on-one. Over the next six weeks, we will make those connections. If I can't help you meet those numbers, you get 100% refund, plus $200. And, you get to keep the course! *

For most artists, your first one or two sales will more than repay your small investment in this program.

Keep in mind; we're not aiming for one or two prospects. Our goal is to get you 100, 200, 500 or more qualified buying prospects for you. How many sales can you make with those numbers?

What Will It Cost You to Pass on this Workshop?

The answer is you miss out on learning a system that you can use for as long as you want to sell art. There is no shortage of art buyers. There are just inefficient, frustrating ways most artists use to find them.

Typically, one sale pays for the course. Give this workshop and your career a chance. With the guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking a huge step towards putting your career on solid ground and for the future.

To Sell Your Art, You Have to Show It!

The How to Find Buyers and Sell Art Workshop trains you how to connect with your best art buying prospects. Selling to strangers is hard and takes too much time. It is easier, less painful and more efficient to sell to those who already know you and like you.

Stop Wasting Time on Ineffective Marketing

This workshop is designed to help you reduce your marketing time and expenses, and increase sales. Put it to work for you. You'll soon have more time for the studio or other pursuits. And, your profit will increase as you make more sales lower your marketing costs.

End Dependence on Galleries and Other Sales Channels

You can work to have zero reliance on gallery sales for your livelihood. If you do work with a gallery that closes, it won’t crush your income. Having a loyal following and active email list makes you more valuable to all potential marketing partners. Not needing galleries puts you in a position of strength. The same goes for shows, fairs, furniture stores and more. Your strength makes you more desirable and harder to get.

No One Else Teaches This Unique System

This exclusive content and training comes from my 30 years helping artists sell art. It originates from a curious marketing mind that is always looking for the best ways to get things done. I’m not looking for the latest, greatest twist on social media or technology. I’m looking for useful ideas and techniques to share with my artists.

Get the Tools, Tips & Techniques to:

  • Identify high-value, potential art buyers (often by name.)
  • Make profitable connections with patrons, prospects & influencers
  • Increase your sales, make more money, & market more efficiently


Making direct sales to buyers and patrons is how you will build a long prosperous career. Start working on finding top prospects today. Use the effective techniques you learn to connect with them. When the time is right, make appropriate offers to them. You get unique training on how to do all this and much more.

Act now. Join hundreds of fine artists and me to get started getting results!

About the Trainer

I began advising artists in 1988 as a senior account executive for Decor Magazine. It was the "Bible" of art business publications for decades. Unfortunately, the Internet crushed it and many other trade magazines. Then the horrific 9/11 attacks helped to finish off its companion Decor Expo art trade show. It was sad to see this all happen so fast, and to see my job fade away with the changes.

Barney Davey

I am a skilled fine woodworker, talented furniture designer, and clock maker. My love for fine art and artists began at an early age due to my mother's interests and talents. She was a painter. Our home was filled with books on art and artists. Sunday trips to the St. Louis Art Museum were a regular treat.

I first published Art Marketing News in 2005. You can read more than 600 posts on it now. Between my blog and my six books, I've written a million words on the subject of art marketing. The focus always is to help you learn how to find buyers, sell art and prosper.

Three books in the Top Ten Business of Art list!

Bestselling books by Barney Davey


The screenshot on the right shows when three of my six art marketing books hitting the top ten on Amazon's "Business of Art" list at the same time.

I have written, worked for, and have been featured or excerpted
by these and other leading art business organizations!

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My Motivation to Help Artists Succeed Is Personal

The person in the picture is my mom. Don't let her kindly schoolteacher image fool you. She was a renaissance person and an exceptional artist. She painted in oils, pastels, and watercolors. She played music by ear and knew astronomy, philosophy, literature, and more.

I am passionate about helping artists. It's been my mission for decades. I believe I pay homage to my mother by helping artists succeed. 

Mary O'Neill Davey

Mary O'Neill Davey

She could have enjoyed a career as an artist. Being a widowed schoolteacher with six kids from 8-to-18 years old took that option. She is my hero. I still marvel at how she managed it.

What Artists Are Saying:

Jana KappelerAbstract Artist
With the personal coaching I received, I feel like I went from zero to sixty.

 "My hair is STILL BLOWN BACK! I'm benefitting and profiting every day from what I learned by working with Barney. Combine that with all the great, talented, supportive, fellow artists in the group who so generously share their own experiences and bits of wisdom, with more to come, and I'll be here for the long run."

Elizabeth Fontaine-Barr Expressionistic Landscape Artist
Barney, your gentle guidance induces me to sit down, take a deep breath, listen carefully, and come to understand that I, too, can make this art business begin to work for me...

"Tomorrow I am in a show where my audience appears to be a "fit" for me and I can attest to my passion and excitement in narrowing my options and decisions. I am less stressed about trying to please random, assorted viewers and admirers and collectors."

HB Barry Strasbourg-ThompsonContemporary Artist and Art Instructor
Barney's course was a good move for me...

"As an artist and a businessman, I found that investing in Barney Davey's How to Find Art Buyers training was the wisest and most profitable business and personal decision I made this year."

Richard ShaffettFine Artist
The information offered in Barney’s course is changing my approach to “making it” as an artist...

“I am learning how to take more control of my career by identifying and exploring my niche market. While still grappling with the technology side of the course, I am moving ahead with physical actions associated with my 50 mile radius market area: new logo, displays, promo packages, and plenty of positive attitude.After a long inactive period, this course has gotten me going in a new direction. It is only the beginning! I highly recommend this course to all serious artists who are tired of the fickle gallery scene."

Ken ChurchVisual Artist
I recommend that you take this course, and I advise you to throw yourself into the program.

How to Find Art Buyers and Sell Art Workshop” is the title of the art marketing training session by Barney David, but my experience was far beyond anything the title suggests. Yes, I did gain insights into how to find and communicate with art collectors, but in order to prepare myself to communicate with collectors, I was led by Barney David to build a strategic foundation for my life as a professional artist.

I advise you to throw yourself into the program. Your work will improve, your direction will be more focused, and you will learn how to share your work with the world. At the end of the day, you will find your pathway to make a living doing what you love to do.


Find Buyers - Sell Art - Prosper

7 Self-paced, Easy-to-follow Lessons

  • ​Evergreen marketing system to use for the length of your career
  • Best ways to find & connect to hundreds of top prospects
  • Unique methods to find buyers by name, group or association
  • Unparalleled training on how to get known to top prospects 
  • Detailed plans on how to maintain contact with contact and buyers
  • Make this the last art marketing program you will ever need 
  • Lively, interactive Facebook group. Get help from me and your peers
  • Useful, comprehensive, focused lessons 
  • Created by a 30-year art marketing expert 
  • State-of-the-art learning management system 
  • Exclusive, Valuable Art Marketing Bonus Content
  • 100% Guaranteed Results


Is Your Current Marketing Getting You Satisfactory Results?

Let me ask, "Did you spend $300 or more on marketing your art last year, and were you happy with your results?" If you spent $300 or more and did not get the results you want, you need to try something new. You can't expect to get different results by doing the same thing. I'm quite confident there is no better way to invest the profit of 1-or-2 sales than in this training.

If spending the money worries you, that's good. It means you are careful with your money. It also means you are exactly the kind of artist I want to take this course. I know you will do the work because you will be eager to get your investment back.

Are You Truly Ready to Create Change in Your Career?

I only want engaged artists who are motivated to take this course. If $297 is precious to  you, then I know you will put your worries aside and work hard. You'll do everything you can to get your money back fast. With that kind of attitude, you cannot fail.

Your actions will be the determining factor in your success with this program. I don't guarantee sales because buying art is a discretionary expense. I guarantee you will connect with your best prospects. Success is not driven by talent, luck or smarts. It goes to those who have a vision for something they want and are determined to achieve it no matter what.

This small investment will pay big dividends for the rest of your career

 By comparison to your results, this workshop is a fantastic bargain when amortized over the length of your career!

Who Should Not Take This Course:

    • ​If you are too busy to do the work you should wait for a better time. 
  • If your current art production is low, fix that before you start working on creating demand you can't meet.
  • If you are skeptical of the outcome. It's okay. Just don't waste your time and money when you are truly reluctant. A little fear is motivating, reluctance is demotivating.
  • If your current marketing is producing great results stick with it.


If you are still on the fence, you can schedule a 15-minute call. We will talk about your concerns and get answers to your questions. CLICK HERE to see my schedule and to pick a time for our conversation.

If you spent less than $300 on marketing annually, it's possible you are not ready for this course. Do some soul-searching. Consider whether you want a nice hobby (no shame there) or a profitable art business.

The How to Find Buyers and Sell Art Workshop is here to help you take your career to new heights. Choose it to start identifying and connecting with the best prospects who will buy your art. Your results will give a lift in spirits as much as it will a boost your sales.

It's undeniable. Selling to strangers sucks. Start Now because you don't need to do that anymore.

I believe in the most sincere way that you will find the value of the training justifies the price many times over. For most artists, your first sale will get your full investment back... and you have a lifetime to use it.

What Is Even One Lifetime Buyer Worth to You?

Apply just a little tenacity to repeat the steps you learn. When you do, there is every reason to believe you will get 50, 100, or even 200 times more sales from this training. The monetary value has the potential to be worth tens of thousands of dollars to you.

The intrinsic value of gaining confidence you can sell your work and the validation that comes with it is as the saying goes, "priceless!" I want that for you. I want that for every artist I meet. 


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