Art Marketing Mastery Makes the Best of Your Career

8-steps to art marketing mastery

Visual artists can take control of their career using the 8-steps to art marketing mastery. Creating success and enjoying its rewards are at the heart of every entrepreneurial business. The process is simple. Make or have a product or service that … [Continue reading]

How to Devastate Your Art Career with Inaction

Inaction will rock your art career in a devastating way

A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week. — George S. Patton What General Patton is telling you is that doing something is always preferable to doing nothing. Waiting to perfect your marketing plans before … [Continue reading]

36 Simple Ways to Find Art Collectors on the Cheap

36 Simple Ways to Find Art Collectors

There are innumerable ways to find art collectors. Almost any artist can use these ideas without spending lots of money. Learning how to make just a few of these suggestions work for you will help you to sell more art and put your career on firm … [Continue reading]

The Visual Artist’s Advantage Is Powerful

every artist emerson

Discover How to Use Your Potent Advantage as a Visual Artist Greetings and Happy New Year! As a visual artist, you have advantages over marketers in the other arts, and many small businesses. Read on to learn about the visual artist's advantage. … [Continue reading]

What Is the Best Way for Artists to Get Found Online?

8-Steps to Art Marketing Master

The myth of social media and marketing art online. I talk with lots of artists through a variety of communication methods. Some of it is in person, but also via email and social media. Many of the conversations include questions about how to sell … [Continue reading]

How to Cure Your Art Career When It Needs a Kick in the Ass

Does your art career need a kick in the ass

Are You Repeating the Same Marketing Efforts and Getting the Same Results? I regularly see artists, even established artists, making rookie-marketing mistakes. You can hardly blame them. Many are overwhelmed by feeling they have too much to do on … [Continue reading]

Six Copyright for Artists Facts You Need to Know

Copyright for artists

The concept of copyright for artists is important for you to understand. You need to know the basics of copyright law, both to protect your work, and to respect the rights of others. 1. Your Work Is Protected Under US and Canadian law, your … [Continue reading]

Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

I am giving thanks to you for reading this blog! For most readers of this blog, finding reasons to pause for a day to enjoy a day set aside for being thankful is easy. For many years now, I have used this space to run the lyrics and YouTube video … [Continue reading]

Six Art Career Production Problems

Stop waiting to fix production problems

Production problems can kill your art career. You already know continually making great art that gets the attention of your prospective buyers is not easy. This is especially true when you are working on production deadlines. If you are a producing … [Continue reading]

How to Sell Your Art Using Buyer Social Styles

Four Basic Buyer Social Styles

There are four basic buyer social styles. You can learn to improve your art sales and your people skills. Learning how to sell your art is a necessary and mostly an acquired skill for artists who want the greatest success for their career. … [Continue reading]