20 Reasons to Follow Me on Twitter

Here is a sample from the past weeks of some tweets I trust you will find interesting.

Twitter is all the rage these days with Ashton Kutcher racing CNN to be the first to get to 1 million followers and Oprah broadcasting her first tweet. This kind of publicity generates interest and at the same time it turns others off.

Don’t despair, there are many ways to get value from time spent on Twitter. It’s not just working to try and get a bunch of anonymous followers who may or may not have the same interests as you. If you decide to follow a bunch of people, get a tool like to help you manage the stream.

Some say we are in an age of oversharing, but that is what filters are for

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The stream of tweets comes at you continuously and there is no way for anyone with a life to try and keep up with it. I liken it to standing in a fast moving stream with fish swimming by. You can’t catch them all, so you take what you can get. I work days in marketing at a tech company. For security purposes, we can’t get social media or personal email connections on our computers. Nor can we have a cell phone out. So, other than a quick Blackberry email scan at lunch, I’m out of the loop. It’s just as well, the job is consuming.

If you find Facebook, Twitter or other social media interfering with your job and time management, you might consider self-imposed restraint and limit your access to certain hours of the day. It works for me. If it didn’t, I would learn to live without all of it. That is, I like using social media and believe it adds value to my life personally and professionally. However for me, having it in proper perspective takes away any angst over how and when I use it. These are fun tools, but in nearly most cases, not game changers when it comes to your success.

Don’t be concerned about missing out on the good stuff

If I let it, lack of daytime access could be a problem because many of my fave tweeps are daytim users. I’m usually on late at night with a different equally interesting crowd. With Twitter and Facebook, what I do is find those who seem to consistently put out tweets that have ideas or links I want to read.

Here is one solution for time shifting. If you click on the name of someone in their Twitter profile, or know their Twitter address, such as mine, which is:, it will present their tweets in chronological order. Then you can quickly browse just their tweets to find those you want to read. You can also click on the star in the tweet to favorite it so you can get back to it for future reference.  

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I do have some dialog with others in my tweets, but many more are either short ideas, observations or links to other items of interest. Naturally, most are art related, but occasionally I include a link from a recording artist or some other item of intrigue to me and perhaps you too. Here is a sample from the past weeks of some tweets I trust you will find interesting:

My apologies if you landed here looking for links. I have found the hard way that posting links to tweets with shortcut URLs is a great way to create a bunch of broken links on your website. As such, I have decided to remove them from years old posts like this one.

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