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Banksy Gives Prints Away and Fakes Still Get Sold on Ebay

Spraycan_rodeo_girl_2 The anonymous (well almost) British graffiti artist, Banksy, who has made a career of setting the art market on its ear hit the news again with this article in The Art Newspaper: Revealed: the eBay Banksy print fraud. The paper claims to have been tipped off by insiders into a scheme to sell fraudulent limited edition copies of Banksy’s work on eBay using shills to up the bidding in the process. Read the story, these fakes were selling for thousands of dollars.

Spray Can Rodeo Girl – Banksy

This guy is fascinating. Callen Bair, who blogs about art for the Conde Nast publication Portfolio has written about him. Here’s a quote from her initial Banksy post:

It seems ludicrous, then, that collectors are shelling out tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars Banksy_morons_sepiafor Banksy’s works at auction, even if they are painted versions of his designs as opposed to prints. (Pie face done in oil on canvas got $379,446 at Sotheby’s London in June.) Of course, Banksy agrees: After Sotheby’s made a (relative) killing off seven Banksys it put in a February auction of contemporary art, the artist made a new work that shows an auctioneer directing a lively salesroom accompanied by the caption "I can’t believe you morons actually buy this shit."

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Artists for Art’s Sake

I frequently contribute to the Absolute Arts blog. It features a rotating series of guest bloggers from around the globe. Many contributors are artists who provide a wonderful potpourri of perspective you won’t find any place else.

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