Monthly Archives: February 2014

Benefits of Slight Celebrity

Succeed with a Small, Loyal Tribe Study the lives and work of most visual artists, and you will find they on average create 1,000 originals in their lifetime. While the math of 33 pieces per year for 30 years determines the estimate, your mileage may vary. For the sake of argument, let us use 1,000 pieces. […]

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Myth of The Muse

Waiting for Your Muse Can Kill Your Career. Successful  art careers are not built on an externally-driven process (muse) beyond the artist’s control. Muse: a source of inspiration; especially; a guiding genius. Artists of all sorts sometimes refer to a person, incident or event as a muse that inspires their work. Andrew Wyeth’s Helga Pictures […]

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Why Bitcoin Is Good for the Art World

Bitcoin Presents Potential Enormous Impact. Gary T. Kerr pens this guest post. He is the president of Fine Art Impressions. It is one of the leading digital fine art printing firms worldwide. Gary also contributed a hugely popular post here titled 12 Mistakes Every Artists Should Avoid. Bitcoin Is a Revolutionary Payment Method and a New […]

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