Seven Super Tips for How to Sell More Art

7 Sure-fire Ways How to Sell More Art

Sharpening Your Sales Skills Is How to Sell More Art. Learning how to sell more of your art is a key to your long-term success. Selling is a skill just like drawing, writing or building websites. These tips for how to sell more art will set you apart from your competition. To improve your skill, […]

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Here Are 10 Best Cardinal Rules How to Price Art

10 Cardinal Rules How to Price Art

Top Tips on How to Price Art for Success Pricing your art properly is a critical component of creating a successful art business. The first thing you need to know it’s not pure science. And, since that is the case you also must realize it is an imperfect work in progress. Follow the advice from […]

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How to Make Your Big Best Life with 90-day Goals

90-day Goals

90-day goals are a wonder and a force of nature. Unless we are sleepwalking through life, we are all trying to get things done. It’s human nature to want to accomplish things. It’s also human nature to bite off more than we can chew, and procrastinate on those ideal things we would like to do. […]

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