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Abundance | Free Blogging for Artists Podcast


Abundance | Free Blogging for Artists Podcast


Freedom and AbundanceThere is a simple reason why the idea of abundance has been a staple of self-help thinking for what seems like forever — because it works.

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Norman Vincent Peale called it the power of positive thinking. Napoleon Hill taught us to think and grow rich. James Allen told us those who conquer doubt and fear also conquer failure. Countless others have coined similar phrases to motivate and inspire us.

Success Is More Than Abundant Thinking

While having a positive mental attitude is required to become successful and meet one’s potential, we know it also takes action. In other words, wishful thinking will not get the job done.

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Happy Fourth of July

On the Fourth of July weekend, we in the U.S. pause to celebrate our freedom, as well we should. We celebrate this holiday to show respect for our freedom and the abundance it brings in allowing us to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Success Takes Commitment, Courage and Action

Our founding fathers did not just conceive of a nation based on liberty and the proposition all men are created equally. They committed their ideals into the writing of a constitution and risked everything they had to fight to defend them.

There Are Reasons I Love Artists

I love dreamers, and I love entrepreneurs, which surely is why I have devoted decades of my life to helping artists succeed. You have to have more than a little bit of both to prosper as a visual artist.

The artists I know who have enjoyed the greatest prosperity have abundance thinking, but they are also pragmatic doers. They did not wait around to be anointed as great by someone else. They did not pass the time making art while hoping to be discovered and catapulted to fame. They instinctively internalized abundance thinking while proactively using self-promotion and seeking success.

Do Not Wait to Be the Best – Be Your Best Right Now

The best acted as if they were the best long before it became apparent to others. Their self-belief rather than arrogance is what prevailed for them. They all were willing to take calculated risks to advance their careers. They knew they could create a thriving business once they got enough people to see their art and give a reason to buy it.

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Whether those artists ever thought of what they were doing as abundance thinking, it is what they were doing. On this July 4th weekend, I hope you will take a moment to reflect on and embrace the abundance around you, and give thanks for having the immense fortune to experience it.


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