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Empowering Artists from Lost to Launched! 

Unlock the distinct power within you. Explore how heightened self-awareness, communication skills, and connections can empower you. Collectively, these courses enrich your personal life and set you on a transformative journey, positively influencing your career and boosting your sales performance.

Invitation to Your
Life-Changing Journey 

Picture your life and business six months from now... 

Imagine waking up with the confidence to engage in meaningful conversations and forge strategic connections that bring your art to galleries and collections and fulfill you.

Harness your immense growth potential to achieve creative and commercial success on your terms. This journey is about unlocking your innate talents and applying heightened awareness to both your personal and professional lives. These talents are gifts to yourself that keep on giving, enhancing every aspect of your journey.

Artist Advocate Project

Experience a Rewarding Transformation  

  • These four interconnected courses will transform your life and art business in incredible ways that continue to grow when completed in sequence and with dedication. They will guide you to a state of articulate awareness.
  • Articulate awareness refers to communicating your artistic vision and needs. It occurs when you understand what you want, how to express it, and who to approach. You will learn how to discover the stories behind your artwork and use them to create compelling marketing and interpersonal communications. These skills will boost your art career in every way.
  • Each course costs $50, which is a bargain given the information and skills you will learn. Click on the image to purchase individual courses. However, purchasing all four courses as the Artist Advocacy Project for $100 will save you money while also making the greatest impact on your art career. 

I encourage you to take advantage of this unique opportunity.
It's a small investment to learn powerful skills that will boost all aspects of your life and business.

Enroll in How to Know What You Want

How to Know What You Want

Enroll in Conversation Sparkers for Artists

Conversation Sparkers for Artists

Enroll in Strategic Connections & Luxury Marketing

Strategic Connections and
Luxury Marketing

Enroll in Storytelling for Artists

Storytelling for Artists

The Artist Advocacy Project courses are delivered consecutively in the below order.
Each enhances the next and boosts the impact of your knowledge gain.
Trust the process. Do the work. Earn just rewards!

Month 1: Create a Confident Future

Clarify your goals and focus on what counts. Clarity enhances purposeful and influential work. Strengthen your self-awareness to harmonize your needs, wishes, and actions. Gaining clarity creates confidence while lowering anxiety and building prosperity.

Month 3: Connect with Intention

Connect with people who share your goal and make good partners. Develop relationships with influential contacts to create opportunities. Life is too short, and creativity is too crucial to leave your success to chance contacts. Intentional connections rule. 

Month 2: Communicate with Ease

Master communication to passionately discuss your art in your natural way of speaking, fostering deeper relationships and growth. Learn to lead conversations and communicate effectively. Everything good that happens to artists begins with a conversation. 

Month 4: Spread the Word

Stories are the oldest art form. Telling stories engages buyers and captivates audiences. Storytelling stirs emotions, inspires gratitude, and defines your brand. Your stories are what people will say about you when you aren't there.  

tap into your boundless opportunities!

Experience Ongoing Impact 

Arm yourself with effective strategies to effortlessly traverse the art world. Our course equips you with the necessary skills and insights to master the industry, ensuring outcomes like boosted sales, coveted exhibition invitations, and thrilling business ventures. Unleash the extraordinary potential of your art career.

Your Wisdom Gain Is Lifelong

You receive lifelong wisdom and soft skills training that enhance virtually all aspects of your life. These skills also significantly boost hard marketing skills like email marketing, websites, and copywriting. Your self-actualizing growth and knowledge build confidence and boost business and relationships.

Your Upside Potential Is Immense

Please be intentional and commit to completing the training.
In just four months, you will have applied knowledge and techniques that elevate your art and business. Keep executing your plan and refining your skills for the next two months, and you’ll understand the vast possibilities your enhanced soft skills offer. 

Regarding this program, I am certain of a few things: your potential is immense and it's up to you to seize it. Your interest in reading this far shows you recognize this potential, even if it needs to be unlocked, which this course will do for you.

Go forth and seize the day!

Your Participation Is Priceless!
Your participation in the Artist Advocacy Project is invaluable to you as an artist in business. It's a program and a transformative journey that you can use to tap into your untouched, immense capacity. Your successful art career is within reach. Don't wait; sign up for the Artist Advocacy Project today and take the first step toward your transformation. Your successful art career is a short six months away. 

You'll be glad you did!

What Are Soft Skills?

Soft skills enrich personal development and interpersonal communication. They significantly boost the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and hard skills, such as copywriting, websites, and email marketing.

Soft skills make everything better! They are a force multiplier at all stages of life and business. The cool and unique thing is that they will uplevel anyone—no bounds.

— Barney Davey

Soft Skills Advantages

Soft Skills Boost Business & Interactions

Soft Skills Benefits

Soft Skills Boost Business & Interactions

What to Expect from the Artist Advocacy Project

Improving your soft skills is like unlocking a magical power within yourself. As you improve your ability to confidently steer conversations and direct communications, you will notice enchantment in the enthusiastic responses to your art and marketing messages.

The Artist Advocacy Project's soft skills approach helps you become a more effective marketer by moving beyond generic strategies and making targeted, meaningful connections. Time is too precious to waste pursuing random contacts.

The magic unfolds over four comprehensive courses spread out over four months, ensuring a consistent and profound transformation. Each course builds on the previous one, improving your abilities in self-awareness, authentic communication, strategic networking, and storytelling.

By embracing and applying these skills, you can dramatically transform your marketing by making intentional connections and communicating effectively with others, opening up doors to opportunities you never imagined.


Even a slight improvement over your baseline activates the force multiplier effect of your soft skills. The training will cause you to become more mindful of your life and business in new, beneficial ways. And you become more articulate in all aspects of communication, including asking for favors, making sales, and negotiating.

Develop the Advantages Only
Aware and Articulate Artists Enjoy!

The Core Courses:

How to Know What You Want


Clarity is power. Know your goals and achieve your dreams.

Learn to define and achieve your artistic goals by deepening self-awareness. This course teaches how to create a roadmap for a fulfilling creative journey in life and business.

Bonus Section: Tips & Tools for Working with Course Lessons to Memorialize Them.

Conversation Sparkers for Artists


Conversations are the catalyst for all art career success.

Learn practical dialogue techniques to confidently speak in your natural way of talking to promote your artistic vision, connect authentically, and communicate effectively.
Bonuses include:

Art Talk Secrets Mini-Course. 
Instant Conversation Starters Memory-Jogger Cheat Sheet. 

Strategic Connections & Luxury Marketing


Intentional connections outperform random encounters.

Strategically connect with contacts who can become patrons, buyers, and influencers. Nurture authentic relationships with growth opportunities. Perfect for artists at any stage of their career.
Includes the 34-page bonus Art and Affluence: Luxury Marketing to Wealthy Buyers ebook.

Storytelling Secrets for Artists


Craft your brand and spark
word-of-mouth, build loyalty.

Tap into the magic of storytelling to create profound connections. Learn to confidently weave stories into your communications. Storytelling creates emotional ties, inspires appreciation, shapes your brand identity, and sells more art.

  • You only need an email address. The training and wisdom work wonders for anyone. 
  • There are no passwords, logins, apps, or communities to complicate your learning experience.
  • The courses are delivered directly to your inbox
  • 24/7 lifetime access to tips and tricks you will use again and again to connect with your top prospects and sell your art.

Make Today Your Turning Point

In our lives, unforgettable turning points define our journey. Enrolling in this course will be one of those moments for you. It is my sincerest hope for you and all artists—to enhance your life and empower your marketing. Are you ready to let mastering soft skills start a new chapter in your life? Let's begin this journey today!

Course Delivery Details

  • Receive one course per month for four months.
  • Each course consists of ten lessons and bonus materials delivered over three weeks, followed by a week off before the next course begins.
  • Courses are delivered directly to your inbox, providing you with convenient, 24/7 lifetime access.

    To maintain simplicity, the sequence and timing of the course content delivery are predetermined. Most beneficially for you, acquiring this knowledge in the given order will produce the best results from your Artist Advocacy Project experience.

Limited Time Offer: Unlock All Courses for One Low Price

Gain lifetime access to all four transformational courses for just $100. At $50 for individual courses, this special deal saves you 50%. You get a cohesive, sequential learning experience to elevate your art career and personal growth.

Seize this opportunity to invest in yourself and unlock your potential. ENROLL NOW!

The Vision Behind the Artist Advocacy Project

Barney's Story

Since we're all about storytelling, it's appropriate to share my origin story with you.

Early Influences

My childhood was filled with art. My mother was a gifted artist with a limitless imagination but as a widow with six children, she hardly had time to draw, much less market her work. She filled our home with books on art and artists. And we visited the St. Louis Art Museum often. Through these experiences, I developed an appreciation for art and the creative spirit.

My mother's ability to incorporate her art into daily life, even teaching her second graders to draw and play piano beyond the curriculum, inspired me. She showed me that being an artist is a lifestyle and a means of connecting, sharing, and expressing one's creativity.

Adult Influences

In my 30-year career, I've advised artists and art publishers on marketing and advertising, sold space in premier art business magazines and trade shows, written books, created courses, and led workshops. Though it was a wonderful experience, I always felt I could do more to help artists like my mother express their talents. This project is my legacy homage to her. These skills work for anyone, at any level.

For years, I believed art success depended on hard marketing abilities like social media marketing, email campaigns, and SEO. While they are crucial, I've found that soft skills that promote personal growth, sincere communication, and meaningful connections have more value.

Soft skills bring satisfaction and contentment, and they create lasting bonds that hard marketing skills cannot. Soft skill mastery changes lives in intangible, invaluable ways.

The Results

My life experiences and decades in the art business have culminated in the Artist Advocacy Project. The four courses will transform you as an artist and person, helping you reach your full potential.


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What Artists Are Saying

Russ Riendeau

Artist, speaker, TEDx presenter, composer, real live human

"The best course on storytelling and how to sell/market art I have ever taken! Barney knocked it out of the park with this course."

Lynn Naughton Moore

Mixed Media Artist, digital marketer

Barney - I've been a digital marketing expert for 15 years and now an aspiring artist and I can attest that your program is outstanding! 5 stars!! Thank you for all the hard work and expense you've put in to making this rich with action steps!

Lynn Naughton Moore


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We are confident that the Artist Advocacy Project will transform your art career and personal growth. That's why we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with the courses within 30 days of purchase, we'll give you a full refund—no questions asked. Invest in yourself, risk-free, today!

30-davey guarantee

Still On the Fence?

Soft skills are a force multiplier at all stages of life and business, and they can elevate anyone without bounds. I genuinely believe in the transformative power of the Artist Advocacy Project and its potential to bring immense value to your art career.

The investment for the Artist Advocacy Project is $100. While it’s not a trivial amount, it’s not exorbitant either. Think of it as an investment that’s "just right." Like the soft skills you'll develop, this investment will serve as a force multiplier, enhancing not only your artistic career but also supporting a mission dedicated to helping artists thrive.

Consider the cost/benefit: A small improvement in your conversational skills, applied in meetings with an intentionally targeted connection, can open doors to opportunities worth thousands, whether in partnerships or sales of original or print art. Your investment in this course supports you, me, and our community.

Your Participation Is Priceless!

But beyond the course's potential for you, your support is equally and personally important to me. This project is my legacy initiative. On the eve of a rewarding 40-year art business career, it is my heartfelt endeavor to empower artists like you to achieve joy, satisfaction, and success through the power of soft skills.

If you're resonating with my message but still have doubts, consider this: By joining the Artist Advocacy Project, you’re investing in your future and supporting this legacy initiative devoted to helping artists thrive. Your participation helps promote my mission, and your support means the world to me.

Act now. 


Barney Davey

PS: This program has tremendous potential. Please invest in yourself for the better life and business opportunities it offers!

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