Ambition and Good (Email) Plans Gone Awry

Creating a reasonable balance between ambition and reality of what is takes to get things done is the trick.

Man on Exercise Wheel

Okay, I admit it and will cop to having too much on my plate at one time. But, then again, I can’t complain because who isn’t too busy these days?

My apologies if I spammed or confused you.

If some of you got a confusing email regarding confirming your subscription to my smARTist list, I apologize. The list got uploaded incorrectly due to my ineptitude. It was supposed to be to the Barney Davey list.

Please confirm your AWeber email from me.

And, please accept my apologies if you received one of these emails. It wasn’t intentional; the juggling act just got the better of me. Since I can’t resend the confirmation, if you wouldn’t mind confirming, I will be very grateful. I can move you to the right list after the fact.

I am moving my broadcast email service to AWeber because it offers more services than my current email services provider. It’s going to be a useful upgrade to my marketing capabilities. I can heartily recommend it to you as well. Regarding using AWeber, it is like any new software, there is a learning curve, which would have been greatly facilitated had I read all the materials and watched the tutorials.

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My intent with uploading the list was to remind my subscribers about the free conference call on Thursday, December 2, with Ariane Goodwin and me. She is going to share some insights on a similar subject as this post. That is about balancing our career goals with the other things that get in the way.

In my case, here are the major things keeping my man-sized exercise wheel spinning:

  • A full-time for a high tech company (unnamed to avoid required disclaimers), which gives me diversity and great benefits.
  • Many hours spent working on this blog Twitter, Facebook and to a lesser extent, Linkedin. And wishing I had more time to get the most from the potential they offer.
  • Publishing, promoting and publicizing the 2nd Edition of How to Profit from the Art Print Market.
  • Working on the presentation for and promoting and publicizing the 2011 smARTist Telesummit.
  • Putting together the directory of giclee printers and other art business and marketing resources. Go there now to use it, claim a listing or add a listing. You will be hearing a lot more about this and another related project very soon.

The point is I can’t do it all, and neither can anyone else.

It’s true, if you have enough qualified help, you can nearly move mountains, but that’s not reality for any artist I know, or for me either

There are a number of other projects clamoring for my attention and some are truly worthy. The reality is I don’t have time for everything I want to do, much less the things I need to, e.g., fix the cabinet hinge, get the laser printer working, take the car in for an overdue oil change, and yada, yada, yada.

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Creating a reasonable balance between ambition and reality of what is takes to get things done is the trick.

For me, getting through the next few weeks will make a huge difference. There is light at the end of the tunnel and it is not a train coming at me. The book will be in circulation, the smARTist Telesummit will have come and gone. All this intense activity and today’s email faux pas has put me on alert to slow down, look further ahead and make plans based where actions can be executed in a logical time frame that allows for something other than work.

That’s because none of us want to embody the old phrase, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” It sure didn’t work out for the marvelous character played by Jack Nicholoson in the The Shining. If you have been interested and kind enough to read this far, get ready to watch the great clip lip below. I had  to include it because I’d forgotten how scary the movie was and how this scene took the terror in it to a new level.

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