Art Biz Coach – A valuable asset for visual artists

Alyson Stanfield - Art Biz Coach You don’t have to look far to find consultants and coaches marketing their services to visual artists. The one I know the best and can heartily recommend to you is Alyson B. Stanfield, aka the Art Biz Coach.

Right Experience + Bright Attitude + Exceptional Aptitude =

Winning Combination for Visual Artists

Besides having an ideal background to be an artist’s business coach, Alyson brings to her career a special range and depth of experience, genuine passion for art and artists and a tireless energetic attitude towards creating a most useful body of art business knowledge.

Spend any time with her, whether in person or on one of her frequent teleseminar classes (She and I did one in 2007 titled The Print Market Today. We are going to update it later in 2008.) and you will find her attitude and enthusiasm for her work palpable and infectious. Check out all the products on her Web site and you’ll discover how easy it is to put her knowledge and winner’s spirit to work for you.

Most eagerly awaited and best selling art business book in years!

Alyson’s new book, I’d Rather Be in the Studio: The Artist’s No-Excuse Guide to Self-promotion,
hit the market earlier this year and quickly raced up the charts on to become a bestseller on Amazon’s Business of Art category. It already has garnered 18 5-star reader reviews. Chock full of great practical advice, it deserves the accolades as much as it deserves to be on your bookshelf.

Encounter an inspirational marketing machine

Visit Alyson’s Web site and you’ll find an impressive array of work geared towards making artists more successful. She is an avid blogger and podcast producer. (Make sure to subscribe to one or both, they are priceless and free!) 

As the Art Biz Coach, Alyson is in demand for numerous workshops she annually presents in North America. And, she keeps up a steady flow of ideas, inspiration and insights in a variety of formats. Each is targeted to artists eager to learn how they improve themselves and their businesses.

If you haven’t checked out her extensive list of CD courses, workshops, classes and teleseminars, you should now. You are certain to find just the right help designed to take your art business to the next level.

Generous spirit pays dividends for you

Alyson is also demonstrably generous. For example, she donates 100% of the proceeds from her Amazon affilate links to charity. (Her example inspired me to do likewise for the Amazon affiliate links on my blog.)

I’ve publicly said our industry is lucky to have the likes of her. With her attitude and abilities there are many other things she could be doing that would create more personal income for her. That she has chosen to stay as an active advisor, confidante and marketing maven for the fine art business is a major plus.

WIN-WIN-WIN Help other artists and enjoy a profit by introducing them to Alyson

Let her show you how she shares the wealth with her audience. By providing an opportunity to become an affiliate with her, she gives you a chance to profit by creating interest in the useful affordable topical information she provides for visual artists who will certainly benefit from exposure to it. If you have a mailing list or following of visual artists, you should consider becoming an affiliate and offering Alyson’s product line to them. There is no investment and you can only gain from your efforts.

What she offers is all guaranteed to please and has stood the test of time. She regularly culls those things from her list that are no longer current or market appropriate. Most importantly, she’ll pay you a very fair percentage of the net sales generated by traffic you send to her. Whether you just need a career booster from her book or other marketing materials, or want to join with her as an affiliate, you stand to nicely benefit from the experience.

Download List of 7 Essential Tools Artists Use
Download List of 7 Essential Tools Artists Use


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