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For those of you who may not know, I’ve been helping artists get their work to market since 1988. It seemed like a century ago when I started… and it was. It’s hard to imagine using my clunky, slow work computer ran on floppy disks with no hard drive. There were no cell phones, internet, or email. Fax machines were the innovative technology of the day.

The pace and breadth of changes since 1988 are astonishing. One thing that has not changed is the need for quality, accurate business information, And, getting it into the hands of artists has been a challenge all along. I’m writing today to tell you that helping artists get useful business information has changed for the better. With high aspirations, I’m proud to announce the Art Business Mastery courses are free, easy-to-use and come with lifetime access for all visual artists.

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All the Art Business Information All Artists Need to Know

The comprehensive collection of Art Business Mastery courses are like the encyclopedia of the art business. And, rather than selling it, I’m gifting it to the visual arts community. It’s my way to give back for the many blessings that have come my way since 1988.

I’m at a place in my life and career where it makes sense to give back. And, to do it in the form of what I do best. That is, provide practical advice and useful information to artists about the art business. Through my six best selling art marketing books, hundreds of live and recorded workshops and seminars, and dozens of online courses, I have had the privilege of making a difference in the lives of artists. Their feedback on how I’ve helped them is motivating and humbling.



Here’s why I’m excited to give you this $99 Art Business Mastery membership absolutely free!

INSIGHTS I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the most successful artists of our time. And, I’ve also witnessed those who never got their career off the ground. I’ve seen how a lack of solid business information leads to poor decision making that causes avoidable and sometimes career crashing problems

INSPIRATION Giving the Art Business Mastery courses free to artists is also a way to pay homage to my mother. She was a gifted fine artist who worked in oils, pastels, and watercolors. But she was also a widow with six kids from 8 to 18 and had to go back to teaching school to support us. As such, she never had a chance at an art career. Helping you with this information is done in her honor.

MOTIVATION – I believe gifting you with access to this comprehensive art business knowledgebase will give you the tools to make informed decisions, enhance your career, and boost your marketing efforts.

Listed below are just some of the topics covered in the Art Business Mastery course:

  • Getting into Galleries
  • Selling Art at Shows
  • Websites for Artists
  • Email Marketing
  • Self-promotion & Branding
  • Blogging for Artists
  • Social Media for Artists
  • Inventory Management
  • Publishing Art Prints
  • Licensing Art
  • Networking
  • Legal Issues, Copyrights, Contracts & Trademarks
  • Banking, Finances, Taxes
  • Goal Setting and Resource Assessment

You can spend countless hours researching to find books, blogs, and articles to learn about these topics. But, you will not know how timely and trustworthy the information is. Now, you have a handy, reliable one-stop resource.

The Art Business Mastery courses come to you from a 30-year art business veteran who is on a mission to help artists succeed… and you can’t beat my best price… FREE!

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The Art Business Mastery courses are far from done. There will be ongoing updates and additions to the courses. Please let me know of other topics you want to be covered. If you find errors or have suggestions for improvements, they are most welcome.



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