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Art Careers Reengineered

Building a successful art career is a challenge.

Many artists I meet seem to overlook they are small business owners and entrepreneurs. It is logical to a point.

Few other, if any, entrepreneurs live by continually creating something beautiful and evocative from their imagination and then find a way to get it sold.

It’s not surprising artists think differently about their work and their businesses. While most small businesses are selling services or products, few require the creativity of the artist and almost all have a shelf life as opposed to the art, which is destined to outlive the artist.

Making Art Is a Singularly Creative Endeavor – Successfully Managing a Small Business Is Not

Still, to build a successful art career, artists must learn the basics of operating a small business. They need to know who their buyers are, how to reach them with marketing messages, and ultimately how to get collectors to buy their work.

Download List of 7 Essential Tools Artists Use
Download List of 7 Essential Tools Artists Use

All small businesses operate to a degree on word-of-mouth (WOM) advertising. This simply is the best way to get new clients. It also is the hardest, especially for new businesses. WOM happens after a business is established and has a proven record of accomplishment with its satisfied clientele.

Art Career and Small Business Success Rely on Smart Marketing – Especially Today!

At the heart of the success of every small business is an effective marketing strategy. Study the business aspects of any successful art career and you will find the marketing that helps drive sales and awareness.

There Were No Good Old Days – Things Are Better Now Than Then

It is true that it has always been challenging to build a successful art career. What is different now is that artists have more freedom, and more tools, to forge a career where they sell direct to collectors. Not that long ago, for artists to shun working exclusively with galleries and publishers was verboten and considered career suicide. At the least, it was a risky and expensive way to build a career.

You Have a Fantastic Variety of Effective Tools to Help You Get Your Work Seen & Sold

Before the advent of the Internet and the variety of powerful and affordable digital marketing tools, and a change in consumer buying habits, the only artists who made it on their own were either well financed with deep pockets, extremely lucky or doggedly persistent beyond the pale of most artists’ ability to perform.

Carpe Diem – Seize Control of Your Art Career

Things are different now. I believe it is crucial for artists to seize control of their career. They should be seeking to establish direct selling relationships with as many buyers as possible. For the first time, artists are can be in charge of their careers without having to be dependent on galleries, publishers or dealers to get their work to market.

Download List of 7 Essential Tools Artists Use
Download List of 7 Essential Tools Artists Use

I wholeheartedly believe there is freedom and motivation to do business in the traditional style with galleries and dealers, but rather than that being the primary method of selling one’s work, it should be the lesser. In other words, it is the best time to carry your own water. Your art career success is too important to rely on anyone but you to make it happen.

The Time to Act Is Now

If you haven’t begun to think about the best ways to help you incorporate the best of traditional marketing with the newer digital marketing methods to build your career, you need to get started on it right away. It is your future.

Let Me Help You – Guerrilla Marketing for Artists Workshop

Xanadu Gallery sponsors Guerrilla Art Marketing Webinar My good friend and frequent art marketing collaborator, Jason Horejs, owner of Xanadu Gallery, is the sponsor of my new art marketing webinar:

Guerrilla Marketing for Artists: Build a Successful Art Career to Thrive in Any Economy

I invite you to attend my Guerrilla Marketing for Artists webinar. It clears the jungle path ahead of you, gives you the cutting edge, “what’s working now” tactics you need, and, most importantly, helps you avoid the dangers and pitfalls along your path.

Success in today’s challenging art sales environment requires you to do these five things:

1. Set realistic goals that equal your resources
2. Identify your best prospects
3. Create direct sales channels to your collectors
4. Employ powerful marketing tools matched to your capabilities
5. Act on a plausible plan to achieve your goals

Download List of 7 Essential Tools Artists Use
Download List of 7 Essential Tools Artists Use

Participate and Prosper

You are invited! This is your special invitation to participate in an exclusive marketing seminar designed to put you on the path of reaching your sales and marketing goals. By taking this unique workshop, you will gain valuable art marketing wisdom and practical solutions to help you get your career moving up the right track.

Create marketing magic to get your work seen and sold
Discover art-marketing tools that will help you get your art seen and sold. You will learn how to simplify, streamline, and manage your marketing processes. You also will learn how to attaining satisfying, consistent results by identifying your top prospects and pitching to them multiple times with coordinated marketing methods.

Marketing in a vacuum fails

Sometimes we think others were just born with some kind of magic “entrepreneurial lobe” of their brain.

They weren’t.

At one time, every artist started where you are right now.

Success Is All About Effectively Using What You Have Got

By coordinating marketing tools and activities, you will produce the greatest return on your investment and efforts. You will learn how to harness the power of your marketing and the importance of frequent and repeated exposure to your target audience. You will learn to create marketing magic.

Did you know that, on average, it takes seven or more marketing touches to convert a prospect into a buyer? I will teach you how to focus the marketing tools at your disposal and how to increase your sales without spending more time or money on marketing.

The Guerilla Marketing for Artists webinar will help you choose the right art marketing tools and techniques for your art career. You will learn how to break down your marketing processes so you can utilize the components most valuable to you. By emphasizing what works best, you will vastly improve your results.

In this intensive workshop, you will learn how to:
• Determine what is most valuable to you in your career
• Develop a list of prospects worth pursuing
• Bulletproof your career through networking and referrals
• Mix online marketing, social media and traditional art marketing for exceptional results
• Coordinate your marketing to wring the best return from every dollar you spend on it

and much more . . .


Download List of 7 Essential Tools Artists Use
Download List of 7 Essential Tools Artists Use


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