The Art of Self-Promotion

Art Careers | The Art of Self-Promotion

Successful Art Careers Require Self-promotion

Consistently working to build awareness for you and your art is necessary to develop a successful art career. Self-promotion is essential to the process.

As a small business owner, you have no choice. You must be self-reliant. That means for the most part if you need something done, you do it yourself, including promoting your art.

Want to Sell It? Then Show It… Often!

A key component to operating a successful small business is to grow consumer interest in it. You can and should work at promoting your business in a manner befitting it. It is as simple as this: Art that does not get seen does not get sold.

It takes more than one impression to make most sales. You often read the average to get a sale is 7 – 10 touches. That is what is needed to move someone through this continuum:

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  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

There are no hard stats, but my guess is the discretionary impact, and low turnover factors mean it might take ten touches to sell a piece of art.

It’s a numbers game.

If household brands need repeat exposure to keep sales happening, it is logical you need to do the same to sell your artwork. You have to tap the right audience and find your best prospects in it. You need to adjust to the fact only a tiny percentage at any given time have a need or interest in buying art.

Collectors are different. They buy art all the time. But, there are not enough to go around. You need both regular buyers and collectors to sell your work on a steady basis. That means getting qualified prospects on your list and communicating with them frequently.

Self-promotion is woven through all your marketing efforts. It is part of networking, building a list, making appearances at openings, exhibiting at shows, making calls, sending postcards and emails and more.

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The Art of Self-Promotion: A Conversation with Barney Davey and Jason Horejs.

Here is an edited video of a free art marketing broadcast I did with Jason Horejs. We did this a few years ago, but this one has a timeless quality to it. I am sure you will come away with some new thoughts about how you can start using self-promotion to boost your career.

Here a link to a mp3 file if you prefer to download and listen on another device: Download Audio MP3 (Right-click on next page and use “Save As” option.)

Consistently working to build awareness for you and your art is necessary to develop a successful art career.  Self-promotion is acting on opportunities to spread the word about your artwork.

Self-promotion Is Not Bragging.

Self-promotion can be done without braggadocio or acting in any way that feels less than authentic. In other words, you can learn to promote your art career in a low-key, professional manner that lifts your reputation rather than damages it. And, you can do this regardless of your personality type.

We May Root for the Underdogs, But We Buy from the Winners.

There is no escaping that successful art careers require recognition. Effectively marketing your art means utilizing every available resource to help spread the word about you and your work.

Self-promotion Helps Make Success Happen.

With the right attitude, or attitude adjustment, and the willingness to do a few things that will help you market your career, you can give yourself more opportunities build awareness for your work.

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Personal Storytelling

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