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Guerrilla Marketing for Visual Artists | New Art Marketing Book

The opportunity to seize control of your career is now. Conditions are right, tools are plentiful, art buyers are ready… you should be, too. – Barney Davey   

Guerrilla Marketing for Artists- Order Your Copy Today!
Build a Bulletproof Art Career – Order Your Copy Today!

Build a Bulletproof Art Career – Order Your Copy Today!

I believe securing your art career by building direct relationships with repeat buying collectors is a powerful long-term strategy.

You can get a strong start on ‘fast-tracking’ your art career to make it thrive in any economy by implementing the results-oriented marketing plans in my new Guerrilla Art Marketing for Artists book.

Download List of 7 Essential Tools Artists Use
Download List of 7 Essential Tools Artists Use

Your Future Is Too Important to Entrust to Anyone Else

The Internet and evolving consumer buying habits have forever changed how art (and almost everything else) are marketed and sold.

You already know the old ways of getting art seen and sold are not as effective as they used to be. As in the past, today’s art market poses challenges for artists. What is refreshingly different is you now have the tools to call the shots, to control your destiny, and to reap the rewards.

Order Your Copy Today!

Understanding the Power of 100 Collectors

The new Guerrilla Marketing for Artists: Build a Bulletproof Art Career to Thrive in Any Economy book teaches artists how to gain control of their careers. You will learn how to deploy easy-to-use effective networking and marketing techniques that will systematically create a solid base of collectors who buy from you directly.

It is conceivable during the course of a career a full-time artist can build meaningful relationships with 100 collectors, or more. And, it is realistically estimated a typical full-time artist will make 1,000 original pieces in a lifetime, (33 originals x 30 years). As such, an artist with an established direct buying base of 100, or more, collectors may sell one-third or more of their original works to those patrons. Moreover, many of those dedicated collectors will be the source of invaluable and profitable referrals for the artist.

Download List of 7 Essential Tools Artists Use
Download List of 7 Essential Tools Artists Use

Artists become immune to the effects of a lousy economy or faltering distribution methods when they form close personal bonds with art buyers. In other words, gallery relationships may come and go, social media platforms may lose their luster, and other channels of selling work may dry up altogether. Meanwhile, those artists who have built direct sales connections with collectors will be the ones who continue to thrive in tough times and will lead the pack in good times.

Discover New Ways to Bulletproof Your Art Career

The ideas in my book are a result of my observations of years of changes in the art business, and how I have helped artists shape successful careers in response to them.

You start by implementing these concepts:

  • Set realistic, achievable career goals
  • Target the best prospects to buy your work directly
  • Understand on a deep level what are your existing art business and art resources
  • Determine which traditional and digital marketing tools are best for your situation
  • Focus your marketing on selective projects to get the most firepower and profit from their efforts

Now You Can Learn How to Make Your Art Career Thrive As Never Before

When you study Guerrilla Marketing for Artists, you will benefit from my decades-long history advising visual artists. I am confident any visual artist can learn how to take the ideas in this book and use them to create an effective, efficient marketing program that will deliver results.

Order Your Copy Today!

Download List of 7 Essential Tools Artists Use
Download List of 7 Essential Tools Artists Use

Build a Bulletproof Art Career

Each of us only has so much time, money, and other resources to pursue our dreams and fulfill our goals. You will discover techniques to help you brainstorm for what is essential to your art career success. You do not have to leave it to chance that you will get to know the right people who can either buy your art or influence others to buy your art. Just learning the tips and techniques to do this alone puts you miles ahead of your competition.

You will learn how to assess your available resources, and then use that knowledge to help you choose and meet your career goals. You can do almost anything if you have enough time, the right tools, and are motivated to complete the tasks. This book is your guide to accomplish your goals.

You will learn how breaking your goals down into small, easily completed incremental steps is how you will stay motivated, and on the right path to get everything you have decided is vital done. There is immense satisfaction in ticking off item after item on your daily to-do lists. By having small steps to take, you will never need to feel overwhelmed by your ambitious goals.

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck from Your Marketing Efforts

I have often mentioned that, throughout my nearly 30 years in the advertising, marketing, and tradeshow business, how I have watched in vain as artists, publishers and other marketers threw away their money on one-shot marketing and advertising opportunities.

You could never afford to market that way, especially now. The methods you will learn to use call for making each part of your marketing strategy support the others to create a powerful, repeated message-marketing juggernaut.

Expect the Best — Make Your Marketing Work Hard for You

To make your marketing work, you need to have your messages touch your art buyers 7 – 10 times or more. You will time your messages to have them hit during a specified period, and never just because something new, shiny, and ultimately unsuccessful comes along.

A key to your success is synergizing your marketing. Just as guerrillas never fight wars, you make each aspect of your marketing a targeted skirmish. By knowing when your marketing will hit and where it will hit and why you have chosen a specific target or project, you can make everything you do amplify your earlier messages. Moreover, because you use an implemented strategy that will give you enough lead-time on every aspect of your marketing, you can plan and plot to get it done in simple, small steps.

Keeping It Simple – Three Art Marketing Ideas

Readers will come away informed, inspired and ready to embrace the powerful concepts in it. There is a lot to learn from my book. I know if you just follow these three strategies, you will achieve substantial benefit from my advice. I am confident when you fully utilize them your career will soar:

  1. GOALS – Define your most practical and profound art career goals. You begin by concentrating on setting realistic career and life-changing goals that become attainable as you take orchestrated, incremental steps to achieve them. Your available resources will factor in determining your specific incremental steps.
  2. PEOPLE – You sell your art to people. The more you directly sell to your collectors, the better and faster you secure your art career. There are two kinds of people who will further your career – buyers and influencers. Your ‘fast track’ success happens when you research to determine specifically who these people are, and then target them with powerful marketing messages and strong networking strategies.
  3. SYNERGY – There are countless ways to market your work. You may use traditional media, print advertising, publicity, press releases, direct mail, and many others. When you add digital media to the mix (including websites, blogs, email marketing and social media), the possibilities seem overwhelming. With synergistic marketing, you integrate your marketing resources to deliver a variety of overlapping, effective messages to your target audience. This synergistic marketing will have a profound effect on your targeted audience’s desire to buy your work.

It Comes Down to Great Art and Effective Marketing Touches

This book is not about how to create fantastic art. You already know how to do that.

You can learn how to use guerrilla art marketing strategies that will put you in control of a thriving career. Just as guerrillas use skirmishes instead of full-fledged battles, you will find employing marketing techniques specifically tailored to your business are the best way to get your art seen and sold.

Smart Marketing – Not Expensive Marketing

As previously stated, it takes 7 – 10, or more, marketing touches to motivate a potential buyer from interest into taking action. For this reason, implementing a guerrilla marketing master plan is the smart way and the best way to get new buyers without busting your budget.

Creating a bulletproof art career comes down to consistently using the best guerrilla art marketing tools and techniques to present your art to your best prospects with just the right amount of focused touches. Get started now.


Download List of 7 Essential Tools Artists Use
Download List of 7 Essential Tools Artists Use


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