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This full-service, hands-on program has no competition. There is nothing like it available to artists anywhere at any price.

When we're done you will have a fully functioning evergreen art marketing machine. It will optimize your opportunities and maximize your results in ways other artists only dream to achieve,

Your Desire, Commitment and Dedication Are Crucial  

To make this work, it requires a super serious commitment from you in time, finances and dedication to get things done.

The level of detail and complexity involved in transforming your career are unlike anything you are doing now, or have ever done.

This program will put you on a mission ...a highly personal mission you conceive with your greatest conviction. 

Every action we take and decision we make will be in support of your mission, your goals, and your vision.

Are you ready to focus all your efforts to achieve your desired goals? Together, we will identify and employ every useful, available and realistic marketing tool and method to full capacity.

With all systems go, you will discover the results and immense pleasure of boosting your career with rocket fuel. This relaunch of your career will take it to new, unheard of heights!

 What You Will Learn, Accomplish and Have on Completion.

use These FIVE STEPS
to LIGHT  your  PATH
to Sustained, Satisfying Success

Evaluate Your Resources & Assets

Using our tools and guidance, you will develop a detailed, personalized, in-depth art career resources assessment. It is impossible to design and implement a thorough business and marketing plan without first knowing your strengths, weakness, and assets. No two artists have the same skills, resources, and tools available.

By working through these exercises, you will determine your creative, financial, personnel, marketing and production capabilities and other assets. You also will know your most lucrative selling opportunities and identify the obstacles and competition most likely to affect your plans.

You will find the proprietary artists’ annual income tool provides you with a range of your potential yearly income. These projections will give you various outcomes based on a combination of your annual expenses, sales, pricing, and production.

What you will have is a believable potential income based on realistic inputs from production, to costs, and sales. You will know what is possible given your current resource capabilities.

A comprehensive analysis and realistic evaluation of your skills, resources, and capabilities. The results will inform your actions in every part of the remaining program. The knowledge will give you confidence in understanding what you have available to get your work to market.

You improve efficiency when you know how to use your strengths to your full advantage and how to avoid the pitfalls of working on projects and with people who play to your weaknesses. Your included third-party Marketing DNA Test results will guide you on what types marketing works best for you. It will pinpoint your natural gifts and show you what marketing tasks that are best for you to outsource.

Getting There with Goals and Vision

With your arms around your resources and capabilities, your next step is to formulate a plan for your art career. Setting clear-cut, believable, achievable goals that align with your strengths and vision for your career are imperative.

You will use your goals to allocate your marketing resources. Goals become touchstones you can use to help you assess valuable opportunities, and to avoid tempting, but non-essential choices. Keeping on your determined path is the key to staying efficient, sane, and prosperous.

Imagine your career path now has a genuine roadmap—a detailed framework of what is most important to you, and how you achieve what is truly important. You will follow your roadmap and use it to turn your career dreams into reality.

The insights, information, mind maps, and 90-day marketing segments you create at this stage form an outline of your career.  These are the tools you will use to know what actions and methods are needed for you to achieve success in the next stages. You will get encouragement, answers to questions and more in your weekly group coaching calls.

Review, Choose, and Set Up
Distribution Options

You have options to sell your work as originals, reproductions, and other formats.  What you choose is your basic product mix. Your chosen media will dictate the complexity and breadth of your product mix. Your product mix will influence and help determine your distribution model. Direct patronage is the suggested method of primary distribution.

With direct patronage, you make selling your work to buyers directly your primary distribution channel. It is the best choice for most artists. That is because it is the only channel where you have full control of your distribution.

Other channels require your reliance on third parties including offline and online galleries, publishers licensing agents, and more. Third parties naturally, always place their self-interest first. They are expensive to use.

Working with galleries ties up twice as much inventory to earn the as through direct sales. You earn only 50% on retail. Galleries often discount too fast and too much because they don't have trained sales staff. They delay payments.

Because a retail gallery is risky business, your inventory is never 100% secure in terms of knowing it will be returned if something bad happens. 

Despite the drawbacks, it is understood, for many reasons, you may need or want to work with third-party distributors, such as galleries and publishers.

The goal for distribution through them is to keep them as secondary means of marketing work. That way you are never at the mercy of others who naturally put their best interest first in dealing with you. Should you want or need to develop relationships with galleries, publishers, or licensors, we'll work with you to create best practices for selecting, pitching and working with them. 

The knowledge and ability to find buyers by name, or by highly relevant groups or associations – and how to connect with and get them on your email list.

You will have the names of five or more prospective ideal buyers. You will also have a contact management system set up to keep details and sales opportunities on your growing list of targeted contacts. Skills and methods to make contact and maintain communication with your prospects. 

A list of your best sources for easy sales and referrals, and a deep understanding of your potential distribution channels methods. And, decisions made on which of them you will use going forward.

In addition to providing in-depth training on developing direct patronage, you will have access to information and tips on how to approach and work with galleries, publishers, licensors, and online galleries.

Training, guidelines and suggested activities on how to use social media to grow awareness and your email list are also included. 

Branding, Publicity, Press Releases and Portfolios

The various components of this stage work together. You will learn the basics of using and creating branding, publicity, press releases, and portfolios or art books. How to access social media influencers is part of this stage

You will have a branding strategy that encompasses and enhances every aspect of your business.

You will have a professionally written press release ready that will be ready to submit on a mass scale and distinct media prospects. It will include either submission immediately or set up to send at the optimal time.

You will have an art book, and/or a saddle-stitched or perfect bound art portfolio to use in creating relationships, getting referrals and promoting your work.

You will have made decisions on a logo, color scheme, optional slogan, and other graphic and design elements to use throughout all your marketing.

You will have a plan for how to make your mark as ubiquitous as possible in every area of your business and in every spot where you market and promote your work. 

Design & Implement Custom Marketing Strategy

So far you have assessed your resources, taken the Marketing DNA Test, set your 12-month goals and created a framework of 90-day segments within the 12 months.

You have reviewed and determined your product mix and chosen your allocation of distribution channels. You have completed the Art Marketing Mastery Workshop.

Your branding is done or a work in progress. You have a portfolio or art book, press releases, and publicity in the works.

In this final stage, you will study, research and evaluate your options for building your email list, creating awareness for your work, designing an ongoing marketing plan to keep your list and recognition growing.

You will have a fully functional sales and marketing automation system in place.

It will include customized lead magnet opt-in offers. We will work together to strategize and design the best opt-in offer for you.

Guides, checklists, mind maps and more. We'll figure it out together. You will have the perfect finished digital opt-in offer created for you. We will road test it to make sure it converts at 25%, but shooting for a 50% conversion rate.

You or your staff will have confidence in your ability to create a marketing campaign and populate it with email sequences.

You will have suggested email templates for pre-determined marketing campaigns, such as welcome new subscribers, onboard new customers, win back old customers, and more.

Also, you will have access to ongoing ideas for how to use your marketing automation system in as many effective and profitable as can be identified. 

With Stage Five complete you will have a detailed, synchronized marketing plan in place. You will have a overall planning and strategy grid to help you see what are your marketing, promotion and content plans. The planning strategy takes target goals and works back into the calendar. You will learn to break your large goals into smaller tasks and schedule them onto your daily calendar.

Doing this is how you achieve monumental things without ever feeling overwhelmed by too much to do and not enough time to do it. You will know how to implement your large goals and daily tasks over the coming 12 months. Your chosen Marketing Automation system will be set up with five complete, personalized campaigns at the ready. Your training on how to use your system to your full advantage will be complete.

This stage will be delivered in virtual training to provide you with in-depth knowledge and full comprehension of your marketing scheme.  It will include how to use your marketing grid and your Marketing Automation system.

You will be able to use the group coaching calls to get help and ask questions about any of the components and methods included in this stage. You also will have the done-with-you emails for your various marketing campaigns.


You've read through the information above and are excited about putting this comprehensive program to work for you in your art business.

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Get On the Path to Sustainable, Satisfying Success

Although what is presented above is lengthy, it is a starter for describing this service. The idea is to give you enough information to decide if you should invest your time in the next step, which is a video chat with me, Barney Davey.

When we meet, it will be my pleasure to provide you with more information and greater insights on how this program will work for you. Use the button above to book a convenient time for our chat.  

Thank you for your interest!

If it's not possible now, I wish for you to attain the success you desire before you retire. Find programs for every budget on the Marketing Services for Artists and Creatives page. 

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About Working with Barney Davey

"Hey Barney Davey, I wanted to share with you that I just made my highest priced direct sale ever to an art collector by applying all I have learned from your teachings. Thank you for helping me learn how to profitably represent myself as an artist!! This is amazing!

Ivana George

Fine Artist

Barney Davey offers a wealth of practical, down to earth, no-nonsense knowledge about the nuts and bolts of marketing your art. He can serve as the missing link between you, the schooled or self taught artist, and the elusive world of making a good living from your work.

Jeffrey Dean

Fine Artist

Having been in the "hot seat" with Barney I can highly recommend working with him to anyone interested in moving your art business forward. I feel like I went from zero to sixty. My hair is STILL BLOWN BACK! smile emoticon I'm benefitting and profiting every day from what I learned working with Barney.

Jana Kappeler

Fine Artist

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