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Welcome. You will find the many videos I’ve done as interviews and broadcasts offering fine artists timely art business advice and the best art marketing tips I can provide. Here is the newest Art2Market chat with Stephanie Weaver, founder of the Positive Painters Community. You will enjoy her excellent presentation on Everything You Need to Know about How to Setup an Etsy Shop.

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Stephanie Weaver, the Positive Painters Online Community founder, shares her best tips for setting up an Etsy Shop. Take Stephanie’s 4 Day Challenge for Artists here:

Presenter: Stephanie Weaver

What to do BEFORE You Setup an Etsy Account Workbook

Mentioned in the Broadcast
Gooten print-on-demand plugin for Etsy Stephanie has a special link for using Gooten. photoshop alternative another photoshop alternative free as is for graphic elements of all types pro version recommended by Stephanie and Barney

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Don’t Be a Starving Artist Interview with Marine Artist, Wyland.

Enjoy this interview with Wyland. It is loaded with art marketing tips. He is one of the most successful artists of his generation. More than a billion people have viewed his 100 Whaling Wall mural project. Wyland has written a new book, Don’t Be a Starving Artist. It’s an easy read, and he’s made it free for artists. Don’t let that fool you because you will find it jam-packed with useful ideas, information, and inspiration! Get your copy at

Enjoy these art marketing tips from Wyland.

ArtExpo New York

Eric Smith is an art industry veteran. He’s produced hundreds of fine art shows for more than 20 years. We talked just before the 39th Annual ArtExpo New York show on April 21, 2017. It’s been a launchpad for fine artists for nearly 40 years. In this wide-ranging conversation, we talk about the current state of the art business and art shows. Eric explains what artists need to consider getting into shows and lots more art marketing tips.

Art Marketing Tips with Barney Davey & Jason Horejs

Here are selections from the archives of the Art 2 Market Sessions with Jason Horejs and Barney Davey. We present useful information on a wide variety of art business advice for visual artists. Enjoy!

Personal Branding for Artists

Self-promotion for Artists

Blogging for Artists

Networking for Success

How to Sell Art – Barney Davey with Jason Horejs

Pricing Your Artwork To Sell

Email Marketing Tips for Artists

The 5 Most Important Skills for Selling Art

To make things interesting, Jason and Barney are compiling their lists of skills separately, without seeing one another’s lists. They will compare, contrast, and comment on each of their five points.

Join us for his free broadcast to see if they agree on which skills are paramount for an artist who is trying to sell his or her work.

How to Find Art Collectors

Ask Us Anything!

In this broadcast, you get to control the topics. Ask us anything about art business or art marketing related, and we’ll explore your topic. This show presented an excellent opportunity to ask for feedback specific to your art marketing efforts or general questions about the art business. Send your questions to [email protected] Us Anything!

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Expanding Your Market

Finding a market for your art is a challenge. To successfully sell your art, you have to place it in front of buyers interested in your subject matter, like your style and have the means to buy your work. Many artists wonder if they should expand their artistic offerings by creating work in a different style, different sizes, at different price points, or by licensing their images to reach a broader market.

Marketing Your Art with Facebook

Leverage Email to Increase Art Sales

Grow Your Art Business with Effective Planning and Strategizing

Assess Your Art Marketing Skills and Resources to Build a Better Art Business