Art Marketing Tips & Videos

Enjoy this portfolio of art marketing and art business videos. Many include selections from the dozens of videos for artists that I recorded with my good friend, Jason Horejs, owner of Xanadu Gallery.

Art Marketing News Videos with Barney Davey

Can You Learn to Paint Realism without Experience? 

I met online with Piper Tallady to get behind the scenes at Evolve Artist. She is a contemporary realist painter specializing in equine portraiture. And she also is the Head Instructor for Evolve Artist, and Kevin Murphy is the founder. It’s a fun watch you can learn from too. Take a free painting class here.

7 Essential Marketing Tools for Visual Artists

A Livestream recording embedded in an AMXtra issue. AMXtra is the premium twice-monthly art business & marketing enewsletter from Art Marketing News and Barney Davey. Artists get motivation and unique, actionable ideas they can use to improve their businesses and lives as artists.

Marketing Art through Niches, Connections, and Postcards

Niches, Connections, and Postcards. Thoughts and suggestions for Art Marketing Extra subscribers The AMXtra eNewsletter provides premium art marketing and business content for visual artists twice a month. You are invited to join

Why Sales Funnels Don't Work for Visual Artists

Some artists use sales funnels effectively, but they are rare. Fine art does not lend itself to funnel marketing in the way it is used by traditional digital marketers, as explained in The alternative is marketing directly and building a micro-tribe that will love and support you. That's the goal for AMTP members. You are invited to join: Check us out at: 

Don't be a starving artist - interview with marine Artist Wyland

Enjoy this interview with Wyland includes so many helpful art marketing tips. He is one of the most successful artists of his generation. More than a billion people have viewed his 100 Whaling Walls mural project.

ArtExpo New York with Eric Smith

Eric Smith is an art industry veteran. He's produced hundreds of fine art shows for more than 20 years. We talked just before the 39th Annual ArtExpo New York show. It's been a launchpad for fine artists for nearly 40 years.

Art Business & Marketing Tips from Barney Davey & Jason Horejs

Here are selections from the archives of the Art 2 Market Sessions with Jason Horejs and Barney Davey. We present useful information on a wide variety of art business advice for visual artists. Enjoy!

Personal Branding for Artists

This was among our first of three dozen broadcasts. I've blogged about it in this post: How to Use Personal Branding: It’s One of Your Most Valuable Assets

Networking for Success

How to Network to Find Qualified Art Buyers is the full title of this broadcast. Read more on the blog here.

Art Business & Marketing Tips from Barney Davey & Jason Horejs

Continuing on with more helpful broadcasts with Jason and Barney.

Self-promotion for Artists

How Self-Promotion Helps Artists Boost Business is the title of a post with content relating to the broadcast. 

How to Sell Art

Although I wrote this What Are the Best Ways to Sell Art and How Do You Do It? post after this broadcast, the two go together well. 

Art Business & Marketing Tips from Barney Davey & Jason Horejs

Continuing on with more helpful broadcasts with Jason and Barney.

Blogging for Artists

Whether blogging or using a newsletter this post will help you: 
Blog Topics for Artists. 

Pricing Your Artwork To Sell

How to Price Art to Get Top Results and Sell More Art is a popular Art Marketing News post because it is helpful.