Art Print Issues Wishes You Happy July 4th – 2011 Half-year Review

The July 4th weekend is a time to give pause and celebrate our independence as a nation. It also is a great time to reflect on the past six months. With that in mind, here are some of the notable Art Print Issues posts through June.

Happy July 4th

We are celebrating Independence Day this weekend in the USA. It’s a long holiday with mix of patriotic honoring of our past and time with family and friends. Some of the fireworks displays around the country are phenomenal. And barbeques everywhere will be getting in overtime with all manner of great home-cooked meals.

This long holiday weekend makes for a great time to reflect on the past six months. We sometimes get so caught up with the now, we don’t make time to take note of where we have been. Surely blog posts and useful information flies by faster sometimes than we can catch it.

To help make sure you didn’t miss some good stuff here, I’ve put together ten notable Art Print Issues posts through June 2011.

Enjoy Your Holiday, Travel Safe and Be Well.  Best Wishes!


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Blog Post Ideas and Guest Bloggers Welcome!

If you have your own thoughts on topics you would like to see covered in Art Print Issues, please let me know. I am also looking for guest bloggers to offer new perspectives to the blog. Click here to get my contact information. The more details you provide when you contact me, the better we’ll be able to work together.


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