August 6

Art Scammers Beware – You Will Be Exposed


Art Scammers Beware – You Will Be Exposed

Given the inherent difficulty in launching a successful art career, artists are prime to be taken by clever crooks with seemingly unending creative ways to foist upon them. However, it works both ways and now these bums are more easily found out than ever.

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I help artists and photographers find buyers, sell more art and operate profitably.

Barney Davey

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  1. Thanks, Barney, for a timely and helpful article. This scammer problem will probably only get worse, so good on ya for providing a resource to learn and help.

    I’m sure the OVA artists will be glad to see this one!

  2. Given the increase in scammers out there preying on artists, we do have a section of our artist forums dedicated to reporting art scams, although it’s not in an area available to the general public. This looks like a great resource to add to the knowledge base. Thanks for the head’s up, Barney!

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