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Welcome to the Art World News Archive.

Welcome to the Art World News Archives at Art Marketing News. I am Barney Davey, and Art World News magazine is your go-to source for the latest art industry news, including trends, insights, and success stories. Beginning in March 2024, I will expand on this tradition by contributing a monthly digest focused on art marketing.

Each issue will provide you with useful information to help you establish your presence in the art world. Dive in as we learn about marketing together. Find the cover image and a brief summary of each issue below.

March 2024

In this March issue of Art World News, I'm talking about "Marketing Strategies: Navigating the Luxury Market Landscape." It's a look into how selling art is about more than just competing with other galleries. It's about standing out in the whole luxury world. But there's more in this issue: interviews with top artists, a peek at cool art projects, and tips for people who buy art. We've got stories on the latest trends and advice that's easy to follow. Join us to see what's happening in the art and marketing worlds.

April 2024

MARKETING STRATEGIES: BUILDING A BRAND FOR LASTING IMPACT In Part 2 of Barney Davey’s article, he discusses how building a robust gallery brand is essential for attracting and retaining visitors and how it is more than a logo and website. Go to page 24 to read more.

May 2024

MARKETING: ENGAGING MULTIGENERATIONAL AUDIENCES Understanding how to engage Baby Boomers, Millennials, and Generation Z is critical for art galleries to remain relevant in a rapidly changing market with diverse buyer preferences. Visit page 18 to read more.