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Artist Associations | How to Help Members & Raise Money Now

Calling Members of Artist Associations!

Are you a member of an artist association, group, guild, league, or coalition? Would you like to help your fellow members increase their Art Business IQ?

Now, there is an easy way for artists to access all the art business information they need. The Art Business Basics Courses offers the most comprehensive art business training available anywhere.

Your success as an art business professional, whether full or part-time, depends on your business savvy as much as it does your art skills. A lack of art business knowledge and training is often the cause of disastrous results.

I’m on a Mission to Help Artists Succeed in the Business of Art.

I’ve spent 30 years observing artists and assisting them with their marketing. As a result, I’ve seen firsthand how having basic business skills is a major asset and a career confidence booster. That’s why I put together the Art Business Basics Courses. It’s also why it has a crazy low price. (There are many topics included that could easily sell as standalone $100 digital information courses. And, yet the full price for all the content is less than that.)

FOLOU (Fear of lack of use) is the only reason I don’t just give it away. Skin in the game gets involvement. The Art Business Basics Courses program is priced low enough so anyone can afford it. And, the price is high enough to give it perceived value. It’s unfortunate, but free information rarely gets used when good intentions go bad. I don’t want that to happen with this essential information.

Involving Your Artist Associations, Guilds, Leagues, Groups, or Coalitions

I’m reaching out to artist associations with this offer so they can use it to help their members with affordable, useful information…associations robin sharmaand optionally use the program to raise funds for any worthy cause. The program is priced to allow a group to add a small fundraising surcharge on the membership, and still give members a money-saving bargain.

I want to help artists associations succeed because I know how much value they bring to artists. That’s why I’m giving a free Scholarship to the Art Business Basics Courses for every ten memberships sold by a group.

For those that get 20 or more members to join, I’m offering a free, customized online seminar for the group members. Additionally, the association will receive free lifetime access to the Facilitator’s Guide to Productive Meetings course. ($197 value.)

Live meetings are the lifeblood of most associations. Learning new tips and techniques to produce more interesting and lively meetings boosts engagement and enthusiasm. That leads to greater participation and makes attracting and keeping new members easier.

How Individual Artists Can Help and Benefit

Thanks for your consideration in serving this cause. Here is how you can get involved and reap the reward for your assistance. Simply, send an email to your association executive, or membership committee chairperson and cc: [email protected] with this link:

Your email to your association execs can be as simple as this:

Dear Association Executive,

I saw this information from Barney Davey, publisher of, for his Art Business Basics course. He has a special offer for artist associations. It includes a big discount for our members. And, it has an option to use it as a fundraiser. Please review the information on this link:

Thank you for your consideration! Let me know your thoughts.


In your email, kindly suggest your group admins review the offer and encourage them to act on it. That’s all you need to do. For your help, you will get free lifetime access to the How to Use Personal Storytelling to Sell More Art course ( A $50 value.)

You will also receive a link to get the Art Business Basics Courses at the same low price as offered in the deal to your association. That way, if you are interested in joining now, you don’t have to wait for your group to act, and you get in at the best price.

What if you are already a paid member of the Art Business Basics Courses or How to Use Personal Storytelling to Sell More Art courses? You will get a gift certificate reflecting the difference in price to use on any product or service at

Feel free to contact me at [email protected] for details

Make the Best Art Career Decisions!

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