Artists, Toot Your Horn – Tout de Suite

As a successful artist…your success quotient relies in part on your ability to communicate about your art, about yourself. In other words, to toot your horn.

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Regular readers of this blog know I also am a guest blogger on Absolute Arts, one of the Internet’s most heavily trafficked art sites. This weekend November 16, I have a post there titled Artists, Toot Your Horn – Tout de Suite. The topic is self-evident. It simply implies if artists don’t toot their own horn, who will do it for them, and who will hear or know about them? And, that there is no time to waste in doing so.

If you’ve committed to a career making art, or you aspire to one, you are a rare person. We will take it on faith you are blessed with the talent and tenacity to tackle the tough formidable task of establishing a successful small business in a field crowded with many ambitious players. This blog is aimed at helping you achieve your goals and besting your competition.

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Getting ahead in such the art world requires efficiently multi-tasking a variety of activities, including the all-important task of confidently letting the world around you know you are here. Really, as a successful artist, you are much more than merely here or arrived, you are the one who brings to those whose lives you touch something special, unique and out of the ordinary. Part of your success quotient is in your ability to communicate about your art, about yourself. In other words, to toot your horn.

In my Absolute Arts blog post, I mention a couple of books. One, I believe will be so helpful for just about anybody it is worth mentioning here as well: Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen. Published in 2002, this remarkable book remains on the Top 100 list and is ranked #1 in three separate categories there. It has a 4.5 star reader review rating and has been reviewed an astounding 359 times on Amazon.

By comparison, my book, How to Profit from the Art Print Market (linked top right of this blog) has garnered 10 reader reviews since being published two years ago. This is much closer to the average for most books. I’m proud it regularly ranks in the top 20 Business of Art category on Amazon. This is gratifying given its narrow focus serves a relatively small audience as compared to a general self-help or business book. I hope you find time to read the blog post on Absolute Arts and the book mentioned here. And, if you haven’t read my book, I’ll toot my own horn and suggest you order your own copy while you are on Amazon.

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