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I help artists and photographers find buyers, sell more art and operate profitably.

How to Dumb It Down & Make Simpler Better

K.I.S.S. My Complications… Goodbye The most complicated skill is to be simple. ― Dejan Stojanovic We are each wired up uniquely. That’s sometimes a good thing and sometimes a super annoying thing. How many times have you thought, “This would be so much easier if she/he were more like me?” And, how many times have […]

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How to Make Lasting Success with a Small, Mighty List

Did you know you have the Visual Artist’s Advantage? Of all the arts and practically any business for that matter, visual artists need the smallest group of buyers to create long-lasting success. Think about it. Authors, musicians, playwrights, and filmmakers all plan to market the fruits of their creativity to thousands, tens of thousands and […]

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