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I help artists and photographers find buyers, sell more art and operate profitably.

How to Make Lasting Success with a Small, Mighty List

Did you know you have the Visual Artist’s Advantage? Of all the arts and practically any business for that matter, visual artists need the smallest group of buyers to create long-lasting success. Think about it. Authors, musicians, playwrights, and filmmakers all plan to market the fruits of their creativity to thousands, tens of thousands, and […]

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You Can Change How Art Buying Decisions Evolve When You Wrap Your Brain Around Insights into the Process

Art Buying Decisions Are Carefully Considered You know this from experience. Art doesn’t sell itself. Original artwork is rarely a spontaneous purchase. That’s because it requires discretionary income. It is something the buyer will own for a very long time. Most often involves spouse/partner approval. Moreover, it will be on display as a constant reminder […]

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