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ArtExpo New York – What’s Next?

I can’t emphasize strongly enough how important I believe a thriving ArtExpo is to the growth and stability of the art print market. My wish for the art print market is to have a successful ArtExpo for all to benefit from.

The 2007 New York ArtExpo show concluded on Monday, March 5. I managed to get there for Friday (a trade-only day) and Saturday, which is open to trade and public. A flu bug bit me on Saturday; I did the best I could to see as much as possible.

ArtExpo, as a vestige of its former self, is a testament that things change. The show in its heyday was an incredible powerful fine art tradeshow with a flourishing consumer component. No fine art print publisher in those days could consider not having a sizable presence at the show. It wasn’t a fear of being conspicuous by absence, but more an excitement of money to banked and great contacts to be made that drove booth sales.

In a sign of the times, in my humble opinion, the show has morphed from a must attend for buyers and exhibit for artists and publishers tradeshow with a consistent consumer component into a run of the mill (for a New York art fair) consumer show with a dwindling tradeshow component.

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Why Every Artist Needs a Blog

This is a topic that springs up regularly on artists’ discussion boards. Recently, Alyson Stanfield on her Art Biz Blog has been championing the idea. She has some powerful demographic data regarding blog users you should know. Alyson’s story about how she helped artist Margret Short start and effectively utilize a blog is enlightening and […]

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Do You Blog?

As with so many things techie these days, there are early adopters and others who are lagging trends and developments. Blogging has been around for a while. Its importance is increasing for business purposes. For artists, Blogging is a remarkable tool that can be used very effectively in marketing art helping an artist to brand their name.

If you don’t know what a blog is, then I suggest searching the word in Google. You’ll find a wealth of information there. For those of you who want to get started with an artist blog, you could do far worse than Margret Short. She is an artist and the topic in one of a series of blog posts by Alyson Stanfield on her Art Biz Blog. You should also check Alyson’s site. It’s loaded with great information.

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