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I help artists and photographers find buyers, sell more art and operate profitably.

How to Make Your Best Life with 90-Day Goals

Now Is the Perfect Time to Become a 90-Day Ninja A Ninja’s success comes from training, trust, and awareness. They prepare for outcomes and know how to anticipate and react with confidence. With confidence built by knowledge, training, and foresight, they attack with a plan.  Ninjas master situations with swift, decisive actions. You can become a […]

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On Being Thankful – Heaven’s in Our Heart

With My Heart Full of Gratitude and Thankfulness, Well Wishes and Warm Thoughts to You If we have faith in humankind And respect for what is earthly And an unfaltering belief In peace and love and understanding This could be heaven here on earth Heaven’s in our heart ~ Tracy Chapman “Heaven’s Here on Earth” […]

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