How to Make Automated Videos Using AI and Auto-generated Voiceover

by Barney Davey

How to Make Automated Videos Using AI and Auto-generated Voiceover

By Barney Davey

Video Marketing

Video Marketing Is Valuable for Artists

Visual arts are perfect for video marketing. Making video is an art form itself. Using video marketing to tell a story that entertains and educates potential patrons is a highly recommended strategy. 

According to Sprout Social, videos are becoming increasingly popular post types, accounting for about 11% of Facebook posts. Between video ads, video posts, stories and live streams, Facebook videos garner up to 8 billion views per day.

How to Do Video Marketing the Easy Way

There are many tools to use to make videos, including your smartphone, but to get a finished product, most require extra tools and post-production work. That makes the process more costly and time consuming. 

I made the video below in a few minutes with Vidnami.

I made this 16 x 9 size video with Vidnami using a mix of my images and stock clips from Vidnami. I narrated the video in my voice one sentence at a time. 

This square video was made with Vidnami letting its AI (Artificial Intelligence) select all the clips with an auto-generated female voice with an Australian accent

This presentation contains images that were used under a Creative Commons License. Click here to see the full list of images and attributions:

Special Offer Discount. Get 25% off Vidnami for Life. 

I'm on the lifetime $35 per month discount plan and am very impressed with the range of features. Making videos with Vidnami is easy because it is a point and click video maker. No experience or other tools required.

You can use your own clips and images and audio. Or choose from the vast library of video clips, still images and instrumental audio files. Go to to join today. You can cancel at any time.

Choose a Template and Design to Begin

Paste in a Script and You're Ready to Go

Choose a male or female voice with a different accent. 

You can also do the narration yourself by recording one sentence at a time. That way if you make a mistake it is easy to re-record the single sentence.


Choose your music by mood or genre. Preview your video and download it. All done in a few minutes.

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