Barney Davey’s Top Ten Art Business Tweets – September – December 2009

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Here are the Top Ten most clicked of my tweets between September – December 2009

With the New Year, it is time for a new look for Art Print Issues. The former online newsletter  is now entering its fifth year as a blog. The theme and typeface appealed to me. I hope you like them too!

The impact of social media on the art business picked up steam in 2009. It is bound to become more important to visual artists in their art marketing efforts this year.

Here are the Top Ten most clicked of my tweets between September – December 2009. If you are want to get them right away, follow me here.

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    1. Things a Gallery May Never Tell You  
    2. Creative Art Marketing Idea – Bookmarks ~ this is a nifty idea!
    3. Ten Movies About Artists That Every Artist Should See
    4. An Interactive Web Presence ~self-tagging idea for photos at gallery opening. BRILLIANT IDEA!   
    5. Art Blogging Etiquette 101: General Rules for Linking and Using Images @EmptyEasel
    6. Ten Steps to Extraordinary Success in Your Art and Business
    7. Licensing your Art – The Gift that Keeps on Giving
    8. Resources: 25 Best Art Gallery Sites :: Digital Image Magazine   
    9. How to sell artwork online?…an attempt to answer the question of the year ~ Thought provoking & honest
    10. Five Ways to Promote Your Facebook Fan Page ~ some great suggestions here!
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