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Changes | How to Let Go and Create Opportunities
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How to Find Yourself in the Art Business
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Why a Simple Art Business Works Well for Visual Artists
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The Benefits of an Organic Art Business
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The Zen of Why It’s Okay Just to Be Okay
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Fresh Art Marketing Ideas
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Why Sales Funnels for Visual Artists Don’t Work
Some visual artists use sales funnels effectively, but they are rare. In theory, artists get great results from sales funnels,[...]
5 Reasons Why People Don’t Buy Art
It's helpful information for visual artists to understand the reasons why people don't buy art— Unknown Do you know why[...]

Barney Davey
Barney Davey
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Barney Davey has an extensive background in the art business and is an ardent encourager and enabler of the direct patronage movement. He began teaching artists new ways how to find art buyers and how to sell art in 1988. 

He shares insights and experiences with artists. They use his insider knowledge to help them find collectors, sell more art and create abundance and prosperity in their businesses.

Davey is the author of six bestselling books on art marketing. He's presented workshops and published articles for The Artist's Magazine, Art Business News, Art World News, Professional Artist, Picture Framing Magazine, Artists Network  and more. The online courses and workshops he publishes AMXtra. Art Marketing Extra is a twice-monthly art business and marketing newsletter exclusively for artists. Its unique art marketing training is helpful for artists of all levels. 


“Thank you for the excellent instruction you provided for us sculptors at the 2017 Loveland, Colorado Sculpture in the Park artist's seminar. Because of your presentation, I was able to sell 60% of the sculpture that I brought to sell at the show.”

J. Richard White
Jane Smith

“I've been an artist in two different mediums for over 25 years. I had some modicum of success. However, since  I've been reading Barney Davey’s books and joined the Art Marketing Mastery Workshop Facebook group I've learned more about art marketing and found tools that consistently work…Each time I utilize your training, I learn something, and go on to make art sales. I'm very grateful.”

Jana Kappeler
Shane Melaugh

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