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Ideas, Information & Inspiration for Visual Artists Since 1988..

It’s Time to Make Art for Art’s Sake
With all that is going on worldwide, it's the best time to make art because you want to and with[...]
Reposting What Is Love?
No Better Time Than Now to Give Your Love Don't send me flowers when I'm gone. Send 'em to me[...]
Want to Know the Real Truth About Success? It’s Not What You Think
You Have the Skills | What Holds Your Success Back? Have you observed the success of another artist. perhaps with[...]
It’s a Big Mistake When You Are Not Getting Better
If you are not getting better, you are getting worse. —Joe Paterno The Art Biz May Have Passion and Creativity,[...]
Selling Art – Eight Awesome Tips on How to Sell More Art
Selling art is a process. Knowing how to sell art effectively is a learned skill. Helping collectors get enthused about[...]
First Things First | What’s Your Why?
 Begin with the End in Mind If you have read more than a few of my posts, you know I[...]
Here are the Five Need-to-Know Keys for Art Marketing Success
Tips to boost your art marketing. Galleries are not the answer. They can help, but there are not enough to[...]
Learn How to Use the Best Ways for Artists on Self-promotion
Self-Promotion is invaluable for success. For some visual artists, the idea of self-promotion is near loathing. They have a hard[...]
The Art of Permission | How to Get the Freedom It Gives
Permission to Be Free For most artists, mixing making art and marketing art are opposing, conflicting activities. The first is[...]
Local Marketing Is a Great Way to Boost Your Career
Advantages and challenges of local marketing What are some of the benefits of local marketing? Naturally, you get to sell[...]
Simplify Your Way to Success and a Life Worth Living
If you were not derailed by the holidays, you might have seen last week’s 36 Simple Ways to Find Art[...]
36 Simple Ways to Find Art Collectors on the Cheap
There are many ways to find art collectors Conditions make this the best time to act. Home buying, home loan refi[...]
Milton Glaser – 10 Things I Have Learned – The Secret of Art
Merry Christmas, Happy New Years & Blessed Holidays! Here is a post with the timeless wisdom of the incomparable Milton[...]
Give a Gift to Your Art Career
Your Art Career Deserves the Best! It’s the time of year for giving gifts. You’ve probably checked off a list[...]
Arts and Numbers | How to Make Your Art Pay
Artists Have a Hard Time Balancing Arts and Numbers [This post was first published in December 2015. The content remains[...]
Why I’m Thankful and Hopeful – Heaven’s in Our Heart
With My Heart Full of Gratitude and Thankfulness, Well Wishes and Warm Thoughts to You If we have faith in[...]
How to Sell Your Art Using Buyer Social Styles
There are four primary buyer social styles. You can learn to improve your art sales and your people skills. Learning[...]
Best Ways to Sell Art. How Do You Do It?
Selling Art Is a Challenge... Then and Now! What are the best ways to sell art sounds like a loaded[...]
Changes | How Learning to Let Go Creates Opportunities
If this post feels familiar it might be because it's an update with substantial changes to the original from several[...]

Barney Davey
Barney Davey
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Barney Davey has an extensive background in the art business and is an ardent encourager and enabler of the direct patronage movement. He began teaching artists new ways how to find art buyers and how to sell art in 1988. 

He shares insights and experiences with artists. They use his insider knowledge to help them find collectors, sell more art and create abundance and prosperity in their businesses.

Davey is the author of six bestselling books on art marketing. He's presented workshops and published articles for The Artist's Magazine, Art Business News, Art World News, Professional Artist, Picture Framing Magazine, Artists Network  and more. The online courses and workshops he produces at include the most comprehensive art marketing training available for artists. 


“Thank you for the excellent instruction you provided for us sculptors at the 2017 Loveland, Colorado Sculpture in the Park artist's seminar. Because of your presentation, I was able to sell 60% of the sculpture that I brought to sell at the show.”

J. Richard White
Jane Smith

“I've been an artist in two different mediums for over 25 years. I had some modicum of success. However, since  I've been reading Barney Davey’s books and joined the Art Marketing Mastery Workshop Facebook group I've learned more about art marketing and found tools that consistently work…Each time I utilize your training, I learn something, and go on to make art sales. I'm very grateful.”

Jana Kappeler
Shane Melaugh

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