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I added a new widget to the Art Print Issues blog today. Odiogo uses computer technology to digitize the blog and some bloke’s pleasant computer voice to read it aloud to you

I added a new widget to the Art Print Issues blog today. Odiogo allows blogger to "Voice Your Content" by digitizing the blog text and creating an audio file read in some bloke’s pleasant computer voice. You can also choose to download it as an mp3 and listen to it on your iPod or other audio players. I think it is a cool service some will appreciate having. It will be interesting to get your feedback.Odiogo_listen_now_77x18 Click the icon to start listening.

As with all new technologies, Odiogo comes with some features that are less than perfect. One is it sometimes rambles from one sentence to the next without a natural pause making casual listening difficult in those instances. Another is it doesn’t read the list numbers as in my previous "Thirteen Sure-Fire Rules…" post. Lastly, its attempts to pronounce giclee are downright humorous. Given giclee is a French word, it’s easy to see how this could happen. It sounds very much like the way many people I’ve heard try to say it when they first encounter the word. I’ve heard it as "jie klee" and as "gick lee" but all in all it’s pretty impressive. I’m sure as the service gets older it will improve, the model is advertising free now, but it intends to monetize the free service by adding that as a feature sometime in the future.

Odiogo has a blog; its Deploying the Odiogo service on a blog: Why and How is a good read. The Daily Cup of Tech blog recently had a very good post about Odiogo, Now with Audio Goodness, offers some additional insight. If you are a techie type, check it out for its other posts as well. If you want to add it to your Blog or mainstream media Web site, simply go to and sign up for the free service.

Free Art Business Checklist
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Free Art Business Checklist
Get your free Goalkeepers Club checklist. All help. No pitch.


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  1. OKAY!! That was pretty cool, pleasant and funny! Interesting stuff…can you imagine as the technology develops how in five years we will laugh at how this works and sounds? Thanks for the heads up on this!


  2. Hello Barney,
    I’ve used a “text to speech” animated character on each page of my limerick website: for some time now. It’s provided by: and allows the subscriber to choose from many animated characters and many voices, male and female, and will even translate the text and voice into numerous languages.

    I’m assuming most “text to speech” programs work in similar ways and have found that with a little experimentation it is possible to improve the pace and natural quality of the voice by adding spaces, punctuation and/or blank lines between text sentences. The animated character I use is a Leprechaun and the voice fits the character quite well. Please visit and let me know what you think. Oddcast also allows one to record in his or her own voice and, for a fee, will create an artist drawn and animated character from digital photos of the subscriber.

    Perhaps one of your technically savvy readers can tell me if using a “widget” like either of these increases download time dramatically for visitors using dial-up or older computers. I’m told that of the billion+ visitors to the Internet, 95% still use dial-up or have computers more than a year old. If one uses a “widget” or lots of java animation, will potential visitors hang around waiting for a long download?

    The fine line between blogging and podcasting is disappearing so rapidly it will soon be invisible. Keeping up with the tech “curve” is tough – staying ahead, almost impossible!
    Dick Harrison

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