Blog topics for artists are sometimes made easier with outside inspiration. This post on blogging for artists is the second on blog topics for artists.

Blogging for Artists Is Important

For some artists, developing blog topics is a cause for a creative stumbling block. Variety will make your blog more exciting and appealing.

Sure, it’s great to write about your work. I always encourage offering glimpses of works in progress. But your blog can’t be just about your latest pieces.

Art Blogging Is Dynamic

Search engines love new, fresh information. Blogging is the best way to create a steady flow of news and views for your readers and search engines. A good blog is an invaluable marketing tool for artists.

Readers have made my first post with suggested blogging topics for artists, titled “52 Blog Topics for Artists – Get Started Now!” one of the most popular among the nearly 500 posts on this blog.

Engage Your Blog Readers – Entertain and Educate Them

You need to mix it up to keep your readers engaged and interested. I suggest running contests for whatever you think would be fun. For instance, a blog topic contest could be for a suggested title of a new piece; for example, you could do a survey or show the same work in different frames and ask for a vote.

How to Find Art Collectors: A Trout Fishing Analogy
How to Find Art Collectors: A Trout Fishing Analogy



The more creative and fun you make reading your blog, the more valuable it becomes to your readers and you. Here are some more ideas for kickstarting your brain for new ideas for your blog posts.

Blog Topics for Artists – Part Two

  1. How to value art.
  2. Why your feedback is essential.
  3. The value of good framing.
  4. How to work with a picture framer.
  5. I am hosting a studio party; you offer the space. I bring the art and pay for the caterer, plus give you a profit or donate to your favorite charity.
  6. Why does some art get into museums?
  7. The collectible value of art.
  8. Some surprising sources of inspiration for me.
  9. Why I paint (artist’s choice: puppies, poppies, people, abstracts, nudes, et cetera.)
  10. My favorite musicians to listen to while painting.
  11. My favorite musical genre to listen to while painting.
  12. How my prints are created.
  13. How a suite of complementary images from my work creates a mood.
  14. How to care for the art in your collection.
  15. How to perfectly hang a picture.
  16. These are the steps I follow to ship my art.
  17. Have you seen my work in these galleries?
  18. Why working with XYZ gallery is such a pleasure.
  19. Advice for artists just starting.
  20. Order my art online with a guarantee.
  21. Why licensing of my art helps the original art’s value.
  22. Why painting wet rocks and moving water is a challenge to real.
  23. How listening to certain music inspires me when creating my art.
  24. About architecture and how it influences my work.
  25. A roundup of essential tweets from the past month.
  26. Why daydreaming is an integral part of making art.

Bonus Point:

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  • I always love your lists, Barney. Being one of your regular readers certainly makes me happy. I’m still waiting on the “insanely rich” part. Regardless, I’m sure I can figure out a way to mention you in my next blog 🙂
    Thank you for the inspiration!

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