Simplifying the Art Business 

Ideas and information for artists to build confidence and boost their business. 

"Blueprint for Art Business Success" is a 246-page rich resource for artists. You get a clear and systematic breakdown of the art business landscape, from choosing a domain name to crafting a marketing plan. Use this in-depth art business resource as your guide and inspiration along your journey to success—a destination it helps you discover.

Simplify your business to amplify your results! 


what people say

This guide opened my eyes to the business side of art. It's comprehensive, easy to follow, and filled with practical advice. It's like having a personal mentor guiding you through every step.

Mark S., Abstract Painter

As an artist transitioning into the entrepreneurial world, I found this book incredibly insightful. It's chock-full of valuable tips, from building an engaging website to effective marketing strategies. A must-read for any visual artist!

Emily R., Ceramic Sculptor

I've been in the art industry for over a decade and still found so much to learn from Blueprint for Art Business Success. Barney Davey's knowledge and experience are invaluable. He really knows how to make the business aspects accessible and understandable.

Sam T., Contemporary Artist

What Readers Learn

Chapter Four - Pricing Your Art
Industry Knowledge

Artists gain invaluable insights from Barney Davey's decades of industry experience. This knowledge helps them navigate the complexities of the art business, from pricing to marketing, and equips them to manage their business more effectively.

Practical Guidance

Readers gain step-by-step advice on key business aspects like inventory organization, building an engaging website, and leveraging social media. The insightful advice is perfect for helping artists build and grow a successful art enterprise.

Balance and Growth

Beyond business, artists are guided inspired to maintain a work-life balance within a nurturing artistic practice. It encourages artists to maintain their well-being and personal growth alongside their professional development, leading to a sustainable and fulfilling career in the arts.

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