Fine Art Photographer Bob Killen Interviews Barney Davey

A Wisdom Interview With An Art Marketing Pro

A Hard Sunday Ground - Bob Killen
A Hard Sunday Ground – Bob Killen

Who wouldn’t be flattered to be the subject of an interview with the above lead headline?

I am both flattered and honored to have a fine art photographer and educator of Bob Killen’s stature take his time to get inside my head for the benefit of other artists. You can read the interview on this link.

Bob Asks Tough Questions

You can see a list of the tough questions Bob asks below. He definitely was digging for useful information about the fine art photography market, the print market, art marketing and social media. I did my best to give answers that will help other artists. Take a few minutes to learn why I find Bob such a dynamic figure on so many levels.

Bob Killen Is a Tour de Force

Steve Jobs said: “We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise, why else even be here?” If you look into the work of Bob Killen, you will find his dent in the universe. He is a photographer extraordinaire and an accomplished artist with a wonderful eye for composition and color. More than that, he has a subject about which he deeply cares, which are public wildlands. He is also a cancer survivor with a motivating story to tell about his battle with it.

Download List of 7 Essential Tools Artists Use
Download List of 7 Essential Tools Artists Use

Use Your Fine Art Photography or Visual Artistry to Raise Public Awareness to Preserve the Mojave Desert

Bob has devoted much of his professional life, art and artistry to raising public awareness about the consequences on wildlands due to the conscious choices the public makes regarding them. In the past several years, he has focused on exploring and making images from the Mojave Desert.

Not content to photograph the magnificent desert himself, he became the first Artist in Residence for Mojave National Preserve. Today as an Artist Guide, he actively recruits photographers and painters to the worthy Mojave National Preserves Artists in Residence Program.  As he says, “We are seeking fine art image-makers, (photography and paint) to explore the Mojave National Preserve with their cameras and canvas. For the artist in residence program we seek artists whose work will capture and preserve the meaning of the Mojave National Preserve, but whose aesthetic sense stirs a deep measure of artistic affect within the viewer.”  If this describes you, contact him at: [email protected]

Learn Photography, Photoshop and Fine Art Marketing from the Best

When Bob is not working on his professional and personal fine art photography projects, you will find him fully entrenched in a teaching capacity. Besides teaching fine art photography to all levels, he is an Adobe Certified Trainer. I recommend you subscribe to his blog to keep up with all he offers fine art photographers and fans of fine art photography.

Here Are the Questions Bob Asked Barney Davey:

  • How did you become interested in the art industry?
  • In the last several years you have begun to follow fine art photography as well as painters, and the Giclee print movement. How do all of these mediums relate to each other?
  • Fine Art Galleries are beginning to sell online in conjunction with their bricks and mortar stores. How do you feel this online component will affect fine art photographers in terms of opportunities?
  • Fine Art Photography and Paintings sell because of their subject, interpretation, and the tactile qualities or sense of surface and touch. How can photographers portray these qualities in an online environment?
  • What should a new artist do first to enter the market? (emphasize fine art photography as well as other mediums.)
  • Social media has quickly evolved as a major market force for all things including art. How do fine art photographers and other artists harness social media?
  • Many artists shun social media because of the time commitment. Is there a method or madness to manage that artists can adopt to manage their social media time?
  • It is apparent to us that story, narrative, and human interest elements about the art and artists has become a major factor in developing an audience for an artist’s work. Given that, how important is it for an artist to have a blog? What is the best way for an artist to learn to develop his or her blog? Should artists consider using a blog service?
  • We give you the final word. Tell us what is on your mind and what artists should consider today for a better sales future tomorrow.

Read My Answers Here:

I answer Bob Killen’s questions on this link.


Download List of 7 Essential Tools Artists Use
Download List of 7 Essential Tools Artists Use
Download List of 7 Essential Tools Artists Use
Download List of 7 Essential Tools Artists Use


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