Copyblogger: How Can Daniel Sell More Art?

I encourage you to go to the Copyblogger to get the rest of the details on this valuable marketing idea. Other examples of artists offering freebies with value are Hazel Dooney and Banksy.

When it comes to marketing on the Internet, there are so many self-styled "experts" who make outrageous claims using long copy splash pages to sell you their particular proven can't miss get rich by Friday types, it makes finding the ones who offer useful practical advice without the hype precious. Brian Clark is one who consistently delivers realistic workable solutions in a professional approachable manner that never insults his audience. If you follow his advice and suggestions, you are sure to profit from them.

His Copyblogger blog is one of the most well read and highly trafficked marketing blogs. This is with good reason. The information he provides is as valuable as any you can find. The regular Landing Page Makeovers feature should be must reading for anyone attempting to create Web pages that sell things. And, you will find his regular commentary is just a good as the nearly 60,000 Feedburner subscribers attests.

How Can Daniel Sell More Art?

Brian's post, The Golden Rule of Online Marketing, is a classic example why his advice is so valuable. In this piece, he addresses how an artist called Daniel could be doing a better job of letting people know he has art they might want to buy. He hones in on a fundamental marketing problem facing artists. That is, potential collectors have no idea they want what the artist has to offer until they encounter it. The trick is how does one effectively and efficiently find and influence them to buy?

Giving a Little Free Stuff to Set Up to Sell a Pricey Item is Smart Marketing

We all know giving small stuff away with a perceived value is a time-honored and effective way to build a list of potential buyers. Since Daniel sells art with rock musicians as the subject matter, Brian came up with the interesting suggestion to create rock trivia in some form and use it as the come-on to create interest in his art. I like the idea and think it would work.

I also added a comment of my own with a different take on the giveaway. That is to use complementary Art Cards to start a contest to win a free full-size print. I encourage you to go to the Copyblogger to get the rest of the details. Other examples of artists offering freebies with value are Hazel Dooney and Banksy. I blogged here about how they offer high-res downloads for their fans to print on their own computers. Dooney will gladly sign your copy if you ship it to her with an SASE (Self-addressed stamped envelope.)

Your Creativity Isn't Limited to Creating Your Art – Use It to Sell Your Art

Put your creative mind to thinking about what unique way you can come up with to take this idea and make it into your own. Let your mind wander and think about it as you drift asleep or are in the shower. Places and circumstances such as this, where you are not distracted by anything, are wonderful for getting brilliant strokes of inspiration.

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