What Happens When You Feel Doing Nothing Is the Best Choice?

While doing nothing might feel right, you have alternatives.

Take your pick. Today so many reasons can cause a pause that slips into a plan on doing nothing in life and business — at least temporarily. I won’t blame you if you feel that way. I do too, sometimes.

Quotes from the humorist, Will Rogers, are some of the wittiest and most memorable words ever spoken. Here are two of my favorites:

“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die, I want to go where they went.” ― Will Rogers

“Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” ― Will Rogers

The Guide to Art-related Careers
Learn about art-related Careers.

The last quote above is on my mind today.

While no one should fault a plan for doing nothing now, I believe there are better choices for me and most likely for you too.

Challenge Your Assumptions

Whether you are doing something or nothing, it’s useful to ask why. And borrow from Dr. Phil with, “How’s that working for you?” We are entrepreneurs. We’re also human with four unique endowments identified for us by Stephen Covey:

  1. Self-awareness
  2. Conscience
  3. Independent will
  4. Creative imagination

If you are in a rut, motionless, or active, but could do better, you can use your endowments to get yourself moving on the right track. We can always do better. We have more power than we realize. Your endowments are the ingredients for alchemy.

Don’t wait for change; be the change. ― Barney Davey

The Guide to Art-related Careers
Learn about art-related Careers.

Whatever your beliefs are about how you got where you are at the moment, it’s an excellent time to question their validity.

Don’t wait. Now’s as good a time as you may see for who knows when.

Tap into your powers. You can make changes fast if you choose. My advice is to suit up and go for it.

How’s That Working for Me?

If you read my Why Art Marketing Shouldn’t Drive You Crazy. You Have Options post from last week; you found me confessing to the wrong assumptions I’ve had about art marketing for artists. It revolved around my flagship Art Marketing Mastery course.

Although I’ve had continued success with the course on some levels, I knew something was amiss and could be better. It provides artists with the most comprehensive art marketing content available on the planet. The curriculum takes 16 full desktop screens to scroll to the bottom.

The Guide to Art-related Careers
Learn about art-related Careers.

It is a lot of information, but that is not the problem. The issue was my assumptions about how artists should use the content. My concept was to provide a logical roadmap to follow. To build one skill on the next and keep going until all done and all working.

Sorry, Barney, but that is not how most people do things, and least of all, how most right-brained artists do things. I had choices such as:

  • Leave as is
  • Shut it down
  • Update the content
  • Change the marketing

None of those would do much to advance my mission, which is to help artists succeed in business. I realized I must do things another way to get different results. So, I’m making changes with as much transparency as possible.

Is It Your Time to Capitalize on Change?

Here is my plan, roadmap, if you will.

Rethink and rebrand the Art Marketing Mastery course.

The new thought is to stop promoting a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing the course. Instead, let artists choose what content they need and purchase it for a reasonable price. To do that, I’ll break out a dozen or more topics to become standalone courses. While not set in stone, I expect to price them at $37, $67, or $97 each accordingly. They will still come with lifetime access to the content, including upgrades and improvements. A choose your adventure concept.

Your opportunity is to join the Art Marketing Mastery course now. You will get all the content with lifetime access for $97. You will also get lifetime access to the private Art Marketing Mastery Facebook group. I will brag and say lifetime access to me to get answers to tricky art business, and marketing questions is the best $97 you can spend on your career.

The chance to join the course and get into the Facebook group with lifetime access at that price, or any price, is going away forever on September 6.

Here’s the Plan, Including How You Get New Updated Content Easily

To narrow the focus, I’m going to move the content to a new platform with a new domain. The previous domain,, was generic by choice. I had in mind to broaden my audience. That wasn’t smart, at all. I should have known better. Unless you have tapped out your niche or it is minuscule, it never makes sense to widen the net.

I will port the content to a new Thrive Themes Apprentice platform. Teachable has been my platform and has mostly met my needs for years. The new site will be less expensive and allow me to use Thrive Cart and Convertbox to the full extent, which is exciting. The above are affiliate links. The price is the same. I get a small cut.

To keep existing Art Marketing Mastery users in the loop, I will update the content of any course on the Art Marketing Mastery platform before moving it to the new site. That way, you don’t have to worry about moving to a new website or being locked out of content updates.

What About the Facebook Group?

To make it more valuable, I will start adding more helpful content to the private Art Marketing Mastery Facebook group. The new content will include weekly live streams, interviews with artists, Ask Me Anything sessions, and more. I’m looking forward to it and know it will be fun and informative.

New users will have the option to join the course at a reasonable monthly recurring fee. I’ll test the pricing from $19 to $49 per month. That makes your lifetime access to the Facebook group worth $228 – $588 per year.

If this makes sense to you to grab a library of art marketing courses jam-packed with tools, tips, and techniques you can use to boost your business, join now. It’s the best deal ever and is going away on September 6, 2020. Let me know if you have any questions. I’m here for you always.

Join today before the offer expires for good. I look forward to seeing you in the private Facebook group.

The Guide to Art-related Careers
Learn about art-related Careers.


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  1. As a member of the AMM course am I still included in your new venture? I wasn’t sure but I’m only 1cup of coffee into my day. The FB course, too? I don’t participate that often but I’m at a crisis point in my career and one can always use advice. BY the way, I believe your change is necessary.

    1. Thanks for asking, Gregory. To answer your question, as an Art Marketing Mastery member, you keep lifetime access to the course and the Facebook group. I plan to carve out content from the course and market it individually on a new platform and domain. In the cases where updates are required, I will update the content on the AMM platform before adding it to the new site. That way, you get the update without doing anything, including moving to a new platform. Thank you for supporting the concept behind making the change.

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