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If you could not make the podcast with Jason Horejs on the importance of email marketing for artists, you can watch it on YouTube now. Here it is:

Your email list is among your most valuable assets

Today, websites are standard issue, meaning you must have one. For most artists, regularly posting to a blog is an important way to build followers. Both are great tools to help build your email marketing list. An active  email list is your best art marketing tool to help you sell art, and when it comes time to value your business, it can add real, intrinsic asset to your business.

Use traffic to your blog and website to build your email list

Every one of your marketing tools should have the goal of driving traffic to your website and blog. Sure, they can multipurpose to help you earn interest in your work, traffic to gallery openings or shows, and many other things, but you need to include using them to help you build your email marketing list.


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