A Review of Evolve Artist Painting in the Realism Style

I trust most people to know quality when they see it. It's human nature to enjoy observing excellence in any field of endeavor. I'm ever more thrilled to get a glimpse of greatness. It gives me chill bumps to see Michael Jordan shoot a fadeaway last second winning basket, view Van Gogh’s Starry Night at the Museum of Modern Art, or to hold my breath as a SpaceX first-stage booster rocket returns to touch down at Landing Zone 4.

I experience a similar visceral reaction when I see excellence in everyday life. Recently, I reviewed the impressive Evolve Artist Realistic Painting Program. The methods it uses to train art students in oil painting are flawless—simply excellence personified.

This review of the Evolve Artist Realism Painting Program comes from the heart. I'm rarely impressed through and through as I am with this program. I'm an affiliate because I believe in the people who run it. Their quality and integrity buy my trust.  

Evolve Artist founder, Kevin Murphy, presents his free world-class Masterclass webinar in an informative, compelling style. He is a motivating educator. I found watching him demonstrate how to create stunning artwork using the four fundamentals of Value, Edge, Color, and Perception mesmerizing.

A new Approach to Making Art

You Will Master the Five Steps to Creating a Painting with Evolve Artist's Superb Training and Guidance

Evolve Artist Step 1

Step-by-step painting tutorial

Evolve Artist Step 2

Step One - Shadows 

Evolve Art Step 3

Step Two - Lights

Evolve Art Step 3

Step Three - Gradients

Evolve Art Step 4

Step Four - Reflections & Highlights

Evolve Art Step 5

Step Five - Add the background and you're done!

The Evolve Artist Training Is Encouraging & Inspiring  

Nothing is left to chance. Students receive a box with all the art materials...everything they need... to complete their training.

The lessons are all taught by Kevin Murphy who is a gifted art instructor. Each step is part of a master-planned progression of learning and doing.

Here's the deal...

As a student, you learn at your own pace with constant interaction and instruction from the staff. You’ll find two communities for students to interact with each other in a supportive, constructive environment. 

Ideally, you finish the course in one year. You can easily accomplish this by putting in seven hours a week.

Whether an hour a day or all in one day, you’ll be making glorious full-color oil paintings before you know it. The sky is the limit on where you go from there. 

High-Quality Art Materials Are Supplied. There Is Nothing to Buy or Left to Chance

Evolve materials-box

Your box of art materials includes everything you need to complete your training.

Getting the Best for Your Career on Every Level

The goal is to provide you the best of both worlds with the best-in-class training in the Evolve Artist method of painting and access to coaching from 30 years of art marketing experience.

Providing you with these combined assets will make you as well-prepared as you can be. You’ll have the skills to create art that people will love and the knowledge and tools to encourage them to buy it from you.

Evolve Artist testimonial
Evolve Artist testimonial Janette

Take the Free Masterclass from Kevin Murphy

All traditional classes at Evolve are taught by Kevin Murphy. His twenty years of experience as a professional Illustrator, Art Director, and Portraitist enables him to provide Evolve students an insight typically reserved for those attending the top universities of the world.

Bring an open mind and a desire to learn. If you do and pay attention I guarantee you'll value the time as well spent. Click here to find a time convenient for you to watch the Masterclass.

Kevin Murphy

Check Out This Happy, Engaged Group of Evolve Artist Student in An Online Homeroom Session

This visual is indicative of the type of interactive training you get on an ongoing basis.

Homework room

What's Your Dream As An Artist?

Brandon's heartfelt testimonial touches me. His desires remind me why I have devoted my life to helping artists. 

Then there is this review from Michael Ray.

Michael review before after

A Splendid Gift Idea for Someone Special

Would you or someone you know love to learn how to do oil painting in the Realism Style? The Evolve Artist Painting Program is a delightful gift of knowledge and training that will last a lifetime.   

Talk to Me

Do you have questions? If I can help, book a 15-minute Q&A call with me here. Or read the FAQs on the Evolve Artist Join Page. Click the Join tab on the right of the page to access the FAQs. 


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