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I launched this blog in 2005. Since then I have published nearly 600 art marketing and art business articles. Here are select posts from five broad categories you can use the ideas in any of them to inform and inspire you to boost your career and make more money.

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Download List of 7 Essential Tools Artists Use
Download List of 7 Essential Tools Artists Use


Download List of 7 Essential Tools Artists Use
Download List of 7 Essential Tools Artists Use


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  1. I have been doing photography for several years. But I’ve always kept to myself, but everyone(family and friends) told me I should sell my work. I would like to start a business. Now, with something you buy in store, or online, like household products for example, the seller buys at wholesale, tacks on his/her markup to make a profit. But taking a photograph of a gorgeous sunset, or a field of bluebonnets, or just some abstract pics, what do I take into account to put a price on something? How do you price talent, experience and the appeal to the potential customer? If I did have a store, I would have no clue what the price tag should be.

  2. Hello, this is Brian Spratley again. I just wanted to say I tried to get opinions or suggestions about pricing. Basically, I just got laughed at as if they thought Photography Business is a joke or something.

    1. Don’t ask those people. If they are not in the business, have not bought fine art, or fine art photography, they can’t help you. Find gallery owners, other fine art photographers on LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and follow them. Be courteous and respectful to earn their respect and learn from them. Find groups on those places or elsewhere where fine art photographers hang out. There are thousands of photographers making a living from their art. You learned how to become a professional level photographer, now take the time to learn how to market yourself as one. Selling photography is different in some ways than selling art prints, and exactly the same in others. You can learn about the print market in my How to Profit from the Art Print Market book. Just like the investment in learning how to get really good at taking pictures, there is an investment in time, research and study how to get really good at marketing your work.

  3. I have recently opened a gallery in an arts Market. It’s like a permanent store with other artisans. I too had the initial question about how to price in talent time, etc. That can make your head explode as it takes time. So what I started with is estimating my cost to make and selling costs, and adding the profit I want to make from each print. I have found this gives me a lot flexibility, plus it’s a good way of testing what works and tweaking things.

  4. Thank you guys. Yeah a few weeks ago I got on Yahoo Answers in the photography group thinking someone might happen to have a business or at least some ‘trial and error’ experience. Boy was I wrong, all they said was things like I would never sell photos because ‘everybody has a phone camera, so who needs to buy them’ Said there was no market in photography and did what they could to make me feel like an idiot for even asking. So thanks again for a little support!

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