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Q. What bond do Andy Warhol, Richard Thompson and Arnold Friberg share? 

A. They each began their careers as illustrators, or graphic artists in today’s parlance. Each went on to make significant careers as fine artists in the originals market and the print market. Though the latter two did not gain the international superstar status of Warhol, their careers were artistically and profitably rewarding.

If you haven’t been to the Graphics Artists Guild site, you owe it to yourself to visit there. It is a wonderful resource with lots of great information. The freely supplied scoop on keeping your work from being orphaned is alone worth the time. Members enjoy a host of other benefits, including access to a health care plan. A list of benefits taken directly from the site include:

• Advocacy
Grievance Committee – Legal Referral Network
Pre-Paid Legal services – Contract Monitor

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• Insurance Options
Benefits Plan – Media Alliance – Local Chapter Insurance Brokers

• Professional Development
Artist to Artist Hotline – Job Referral Systems &
Promotional Services – JOBline news – Web Portfolio

• Information Services
Guild News – Local Newsletters – Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing and Ethical Guidlines 11th Edition

• Professional Discounts
ADBASE – Theispot – Allworth Press
and much more . . .

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