happy easter happy birthday

Happy Easter! Happy Passover! Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Sunday to You!

Besides being a religious date for many, it is my birthday on April 21, 2019. I share the day with Queen Elizabeth and Iggy Pop, whose lives perfectly bookend my dreams to be a king and a wild musician with a lust for life… you only live once. Go for it!

The last time my birth date, April 21, landed on Easter was in 1957. As a nine-year-old boy, it was at the time the best day of my life. That’s because I got a brand new, shiny red Schwinn bike. That two-wheeled steed represented independence and signaled great things ahead.

Scroll down to find a gift for you!

1957 Red Schwinn

Sixty-two years later, I can still feel the surprise and elation of seeing it for the first time. I rode it around on the bike path around our house and in our neighborhood until my legs nearly fell off. While it’s fair to say this year’s natal day will be much less hectic and more uneventful, I feel full of joy and blessed to be alive.

Time Is Fleeting Ain’t No Lie!

Like most people who attain a certain age, I sometimes am mystified with wonder as I think, “How the eff did I get here and where did the time go?” Since I’m not one to dwell on such deep mysteries, I’m just pushing forward with this thought,

“I’m the new 70!”

Rather than rest on my laurels, or push in the clutch and coast, I’m cooking up plans for the next 20 years.

I can see that many people in their 70s are doing great things with their lives. I plan to include myself among them. Moreover, I plan to bring as many of my contemporaries along with me as possible.

Oh, It’s Far from Over, My Friends

If you are a Baby Boomer like me with gas left in the tank and are looking for a way to do something fun, useful, and profitable, we should talk. In the coming months, I’ll be launching a new business. I plan to help fellow Boomers learn how to unlock their specialized knowledge and turn it into a business.

We will start with me teaching a step-by-step program on how to write a “how-to” book. From there, we’ll tailor a plan to include those things that match the needs and desires of your ambitions. That is, you choose if you want to blog, do public speaking, publish online courses, a directory, become an influencer, and more.

Rather than give everyone some cookie-cutter template, we’ll work closely with each person to review realistic options and determine what will work for them. I’m excited about the possibilities this raises for my generation. So, keep watching this space for more news and developments. They are in the works as I write this.

What about my art marketing business?

I have plans for it as well. I want to grow it and make it more valuable and helpful to more artists than ever. To facilitate making that happen, I will overhaul how I market, publish, and present the voluminous amount of art marketing related content I offer to artists.

For example, my flagship Art Marketing Mastery Workshop, which has more than 250 individual lessons, will be broken into smaller components. Doing this will make the content easier to consume and as such easier to market as well.

A Birthday Gift for You!

I have a gift for those of you who would like to grab all my courses for one low price. Over the next week, I will roll out the newly arranged course content.  When that happens, the pricing you see below will go away. While, with the changes, you will have the option of buying each smaller unit ala carte, the total price to acquire them in the future will increase.

Grab This Deal! Save $300

Right now, you can buy all the marketing courses at MyMarketingCourses.com in a bundle for $997. That’s a bargain given the amount of content and the ongoing support in the private Facebook group. Your gift is a 30% discount off the $997 price.

Your gift price with the coupon is $697.90. It includes lifetime access to these courses:

  • Art Marketing Mastery Workshop – $497
  • Art Business Mastery $99
  • How to Find & Connect with Art Buyers Workshop – $297
  • How to Price Art: Strategies, Formulas & Calculators – $29
  • How to Sell More Art with Personal Storytelling – $50
  • Email Marketing Secrets for Small Business – $50
  • Facilitator’s Guide to Productive Meetings – $197
  • Steps to Art Marketing Success Seminar – $197
  • Lifetime access to my private Facebook group – $300

The total price of these courses is $1716. With your discount, you’re getting them at 60% off. That’s a super good deal for you anytime. But, as those cheesy infomercials say, “Wait! There’s more.”

Extra Limited Time Bonus: One 60-minute private coaching sessions with me via recorded video chat. That’s a $250 value. To secure this bonus, you must purchase the All Art Marketing Courses Bundle by April 23.  I can only take a few on this deal so act fast. If you are smart and lucky to take this offer, you are getting nearly $2000 of real service. That price gives your real value for $697!

Go to bdavey.co/birthday to get this offer today.

What If You Already Own Some Courses?

Great question. Hit me up at [email protected] with a request for a custom deal. I’ll look at what you own already and make you an offer I hope you cannot resist.

It’s a glorious Spring day here in Phoenix. I’m sending you my best wishes for this day to be filled with love, happiness, and harmony.

Peace and love!


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