How to Become a Corporate Art Consultant

I believe this book should be “must reading” for anyone who wants a better understanding of how art gets chosen and placed in all those buildings, offices and medical facilities.

Becoming a Corporate Art Consultant
You read about corporate art consultants. Perhaps, if you are an artist, you might wonder if meeting one could help you sell your art to businesses. Or, regardless of what you do to earn income in the art marketplace, you might have at some point asked yourself, “How do I become a corporate art consultant?”

The best answer I can give you is to read Barbara Markoff’s book, Becoming A Corporate Art Consultant. It is a slim volume full of big ideas. More importantly, it gives the reader the complete low down on what it takes to become a corporate art consultant.

You will find this book useful, practical and to the point

The book is chock full of practical advice borne from years of direct experience in the field. Markoff has successfully worked as a corporate art consultant for nearly 30 years. She and her husband, Rob, also operate a topnotch retail picture framing business in San Diego, California.

Markoff, I’m sure, would be the first to tell you that the market for corporate art is soft these days. With the slowdown in the economy and the commercial real estate market, there are fewer jobs to pursue. I am also certain she would tell you the healthcare market is faring better than the commercial real estate market.

Timing is over rated – this book is highly rated

Should that news deter you from reading this book and deciding if you should get into the business? Not at all. As Mary Engelbreit, whose art licensing business has done more than $100 million in sales say, “Timing is over rated.” She started her business on the kitchen table when she was six months pregnant. I believe this book should be “must reading” for anyone who wants a better understanding of how art gets chosen and placed in all those buildings, offices and medical facilities.

Picking up Markoff’s tips of the trade make the book a must read

Certainly, you may first be an artist in your heart and soul, but if your bank account tells you that you need to find another way to make ends meet, then working to become a corporate art consultant may be just the ticket for you. It worked for my good friend Dick Harrison. He spent 20+ years in a similar business as an artist’s rep. He carried his own work, but signed it under the pseudonym, Claude, who was was his cat at the time. You can learn more about him from his podcasts at:

Information and insight are keys to becoming smarter at art marketing

The point here is you can read this book and become better and smarter art marketing. The reality for most artists is they are ill-prepared to succeed when they launch their careers. There is no formal training for how to make a successful art career. I always recommend studying the habits and traits of other successful artists. Because if you add to your knowledge a deeper understanding of the intricacies of the people and business models who can benefit your own career, then you are that much more competitive and prepared to become successful.

So, whether you want to get valuable insights to help you decide if you should pursue becoming a corporate art consultant, or whether you should more aggressively pursue corporate art consultants to help further your own art career, then you should read this book. Either way, I highly recommend it!

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